VAUGHT: Bo Smith's headaches behind him

No Kentucky player enjoyed spring football practice more than cornerback Bo Smith.<br><br> Of course, who could blame him after what happened to him last summer? Smith was hit in the head with a baseball bat during an altercation that also involved other teammates before preseason practice started.

Not only was in football future uncertain, but no one was even certain if Smith would fully recover from the injury.

"Last year was a long year for me," said Smith, a junior cornerback. "It was hard for me to watch my team play and know I couldn't be out there helping them."

But wasn't he scared if he would fully recover, much less play football again?

"There were times it was pretty scary. I didn't always know what might happen," Smith admitted. "I would have headaches that just wouldn't go away. My head was kind of messed up, but I feel good now."

Smith said keeping up his classwork was as hard as his rehabilitation because of the headaches. "The doctors kept telling me the headaches would go away and thank goodness they finally did," Smith said.

Now Kentucky defensive coordinator Mike Archer can only hope Smith can provide headaches for opposing offenses next season. When he's healthy, he has the speed and athleticism to cover SEC receivers. He showed that in 2003 when he developed into UK's best cornerback and his return should be a huge benefit to Archer's defense.

"I'll be a lot better in the fall. I had to find out I could take a hit and be fine this spring. Now I know that," Smith said. "I'm going to work out harder than ever this summer. And I'm going to make sure there's no chance to get in any trouble. We are going to be better next season and I want to make sure I'm part of that.

"I am lucky just to be here. I know that. I took a big blow to my head. Anything could have happened. But I've got a second chance and I want to take advantage of that."

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