JOHN: Stevenson coach explains why visit canceled

The Kentucky Wildcats were scheduled to visit with Perry Stevenson on Thursday but the visit never took place. Stevenson's coach, Rick Lebata explains why.

The Wildcats basketball staff was scheduled to visit Perry Stevenson on Thursday night but the visit never occurred, "The problem was on our end, not their end," said Stevenson's high school coach, Rick Lebata.

Lebata said that UK is still very much on the mind of Perry Stevenson and his family and that the cancellation was not a reflection on his interest in Kentucky.

"Kentucky is still on Perry's list," Lebata said, "along with Baylor, Georgia Tech, Texas, Texas Tech, LSU and Mississipp State."

Mississippi State?

"Yes, Mississippi State has let it be known that they are seriously interested in Perry. They have a solid program and Perry would have some interest."

Lebata said the visit with UK would probably not be rescheduled anytime real soon, "Perry is going to take his visits, probably in the fall. He is not in a major hurry. He will evaluate the situation very carefully. At this point it is fair to say he is wide open."

Through recent conversations with Lebata, Stevenson himself and his AAU coach, Dexter Washington, all indications are that Kentucky considers Stevenson a high priority, and for good reasons.

"He has a ton of upside," Lebata said, "and he is only going to get better. He will qualify easily. And he is one of those players that coaches love. Another major attraction to Perry is that he intends to stay in school for four years. he is not looking to make an early exit into the NBA."

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