DEMAREE: Possible UK Players for 2006 Draft

Do we find it too foresighted to be talking about seniors on this years roster that could be drafted in 2006 for the NFL? Well, no because that is usually one indicator that plays into the overall strength of the team and it's prospects for the 2005 season. Fresh off the 2005 NFL draft, UK had one player in Sweet Pea Burns drafted and U of L had 5 drafted. That fact played directly in the overall record of the individual teams.

By reason of the fact UK had one player drafted each of the last two years tells you how far this team has been down in talent. So now, lets project and elaborate on this year's seniors.

We feel that the Cats will gain on it this year. So much depends on the success of the team. We see possibly three Cats to go in the 2006 draft, Alexis Bwenge, Scott Mitchell, and Muhammad Abdullah. On the face of it, some may see that as a stretch, but let's break it down.

It's a well-known fact that the NFL covets the big fullback that can catch the ball, block strong, and get the tough yards in the redzone. We have watched the development of this guy since his arrival on campus from Canada. And speaking of his native land, Bwenge has never had the confidence to handle the media (though his speaks well), consequently he is a bad interview and he knows it. His hands are so good that from day one the wide receiver coach and the running back coach were in a tug-o-war over him. However, this was when he was 205-pounds as opposed to 240-pounds now.

There are three times in the game when you must be able to run the football; 1) third and short; 2) in the redzone; 3) and in the fourth quarter with a lead to protect. Bwenge has proved effective on all three accounts…uhh, UK hasn't had many leads to protect but let's project which is what the NFL often does!

In a seven overtime losing cause against Arkansas, on national TV, #25 showed his metal when he had 89 yards on 22 carries and 3 touchdowns including a 51 yard catch and run for a touchdown. Many of those yards came in the fourth quarter and overtimes.

Scott Mitchell has the look of a next level receiver. He is big, fast, has great hands, a physical blocker, and is physical coming off the ball. His nine receptions for 111 yards against Tennessee last year showed his worth to some NFL team. He carried that performance over into spring practice in spades. He reminds you of a faster Michael Irvin former Dallas Cowboy great.

Muhammad Abdullah is quietly making a name for himself in UK secondary. His move from free safety to strong safety enhances his draft status. Coach Mike Archer loves his physicality. "He is a hard nosed football player," Archer said. "He loves to mix it up." Abdullah has earned team, SEC, and national honors each of the last two years.

Barring injury to these three seniors, we believe they're a cinch to be drafted, which means UK is gaining on it. When you look across the roster, you can project many more when seniors.

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