VAUGHT: Analyst "shocked" by Morris NBA decision

Count college basketball analyst Larry Conley among those surprised by Randolph Morris' decision to put his name into the NBA draft.

"He's not ready. He's not even close," said Conley, a former Kentucky player. "I just find it incredible that he would even consider this. It looks like with all the underclassmen declaring for the draft, this is going to be a much deeper draft than anyone thought. This is not the best time for him to be doing this."

Conley says even though the 6-10 Morris has obvious skills and had a solid freshman season for the Cats (8.8 points, 4.2 rebounds, 19.8 minutes per game) when he started 33 of 34 games, he's not the equal of more mature players.

"These foreign guys being picked in the NBA draft now are not flukes. A guy like Morris who is 19 is not nearly as physically mature as some of those players who are 22 or 23 and have much more experience playing at a higher level than he does. I'm just really surprised he is doing this," Conley said.

"Really, I am absolutely shocked. I thought be would back for at least another year. He is going to be good, very good. But I just don't think he is ready step out and help somebody in the NBA right now. He'll be fortunate to even get drafted. I'm sure there will be people he will talk to who know lot more than I do that can advise him about all the players coming out for the draft. I thought he had good year last year, but not a first-round draft type of year. He needs to come back to Kentucky and learn a lot more from Tubby (Smith) before he thinks about going to the NBA."

If he does go, what does this mean to UK?

"It will dramatically change all they want to do inside. It will put a lot of pressure on (Lukasz) Obrzut," Conley said. "He will really have to develop as a player if they lose Morris. Will (Shagari) Alleyne stay around? They'll need him, too. They'll have options, but they definitely will not be the same team without Morris."

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