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It's safe to say that University of Kentucky offensive coordinator Joker Phillips is enamored with the state of South Carolina. After spending most of the spring in hibernation in the state of Kentucky, the Wildcats coaching staff has offered the 8th, 9th and 10th player from the Palmetto state. What high school did UK turn too this time?

The Wildcats wasted no time in moving into double digit offers in South Carolina, pulling the trigger on three offers at Byrnes High School in Duncan (SC) according to head coach Bob Bentley in reports set to be published in The State.

Kentucky coach Joker Phillips extended scholarship offers to defensive backs Prince Miller, Lamar Bomar, and 'rising' junior quarterback Will Korn.

The 5-foot-10, 185 pound Miller is coach Bentley's gem for the upcoming recruiting year, already garnering offers from the likes of Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Duke.

The Cats are hoping the offer to Bomar, his teammate, will entice the highly recruited defense back to take a longer look at the Wildcats. Bomar, at 6-foot-1, is a little taller version of Miller, but is not as fined tuned as his counterpart at the cornerback position.

Bomar's lone offer is from Kentucky, but he has been getting a lot of attention from in-state powerhouses Clemson and South Carolina, in addition to Virgnia Tech, Florida State and Wake Forest.

The offer to quarterback Will Korn (6'2 200) is most likely a counter offer. The 'Cats had hoped to be Korn's first scholarship offer but they were denied of that opportunity when in-state Clemson and South Carolina pulled the trigger before the Wildcats. Georgia Tech has also offered the junior-to-be a scholarship as well.

Expect Korn to be extremely highly recruited next season and the 'Cats chances to bank on whether or not Bomar and Prince give the Wildcats a clean look. Also on Coach Phillips' radar is running back Derek Young (5'10 180), whom already has an offer from Duke. The Wildcats have been evaluating him and Columbia (SC) High School defensive back Ryan Turner (5'9 175) as future scholarship prospects.

'Cats offer Fla. OL before Adams

After watching themselves get beaten to the punch for SW Pulaski's DE/LB Josh Minton, the Wildcats fell behind again on a top in-state prospect. Trigg County's top offensive lineman prospect, Jeff Adams has garnered offers from top programs Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee before the Wildcats officially decided to send an offer.

"The one from Tennessee came on Friday and Oklahoma's came on Monday," his father explained. "[Kentucky assistant] Joker Phillips told me that their offer would be coming either this week or next."

Trigg County is home to 2004 signee Kenny Ray Turner, a 6-foot-7, 275 pound offensive lineman whom is expected to grayshirt.

In other news, the Wildcats did however officially extend an offer to 6-foot-6, 310 pound Jarrod Holt from Clearwater (FL).

Holt, whose older brother Joe played for Virginia and middle brother John plays at North Carolina State, has already garnered offers from Duke, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and Pitt, in addition to the Wildcats.

He recently starred in the combine in Tampa (Fla.) attended by KSR.

"I am out here to see how I am rating with the others," Holt said. "I want to see the best people in Florida right now and see how I compete against them. I am impressed and am glad to be out here with these guys and getting better."

Micah playing it cool

A lot has happened in the world of Fort Campbell (Ky.) LB/RB Micah Johnson since his recruitment picked up considerably the past few months, but one thing that hasn't changed is where Kentucky stands in his family life.

"Kentucky is always gonna be high on my list because my brother (Christian) will be playing there. I'm sure I'll be in Lexington a lot in the fall," Johnson said. "He bleeds blue," the senior-to-be said of Christian. "I mean he loves Kentucky and he's always talking about the Wildcats. I think it would be very special to have the chance to play with him at Kentucky, not only for myself but for the entire family."

Especially if somehow the Wildcats can work out oldest brother, Nathaniel Johnson's arrival.

"That would definitely play a huge impact," Micah said, "having my brothers there would definitely help Kentucky's chances."

White Not Getting Any Love

The overall consensus from the masses involving the recruitment of Javaere White was that if he measured as small as he reportedly was (5'8), he was going to need to run as fast as he said he could (4.3).

At the latest combine showing in Louisville - he didn't - running one of the better forty times, but nowhere near the reported 4.3 forty-yard dash time. White's time of 4.6 was not anywhere close to darkhorse Paul Warford from Madison Central High School, who ran a 4.4 flat again.

"The in-state schools haven't been showing me any love," White said, "Kentucky came to my school, but I haven't been getting as much attention as some of the bigger schools like Michigan, LSU and Ohio State."

According to White, Louisville has made little-to-no contact with him at all. "I don't know what it is ... it's crazy. I have heard nothing."

White lists his top five as Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Florida and LSU. He has no offers, but indicated that the Wolverines would talk scholarship offer soon.

"I'm a speedy type player," White said, "I've got good hands and am a Barry Sanders type player on offense. I'm hard to catch and hard to tackle. On defense, I'm more like a Charles Woodson type."

A Rant On Combines

Everyone seems to be literally obsessed with combine numbers these days, disecting them down to the 'nth' power.

Count me as someone who considers combines to be vastly overrated.

For one, a fourty time is never judged in pads nor is it a consistent number. What the kid ate, how the kid felt that day, how good he stretched and how well the field is conditioned can all impact the forty time of a respective player. Yet combines allow them limited shots to prove their worth. In truth, the atmosphere that surrounds these kids in combines resembles flag football moreso then actual football.

If used for comparison, they can be very helpful, but I think the overall obsession by the general public with numbers far outweighs the one criteria that should be obsessed over; can the kid play? More times then not a kid gets a scholarship because he can play, not because his forty time was good.

Race for Early State #1

Not much has changed from my earlier Kentucky Top Ten that I sent out on Signing Day 2004. Josh Minton continues to climb the ladder and is most likely going to be rated the second best player in the state behind Fort Campbell's LB/RB Micah Johnson, who will definitely sit atop the rankings at the start. Although Justin Burke had been considered to be one of the top quarterbacks in the country, his combine performances haven't met the standards of the national Elite 11 we had held him too early on, but that could change. His biggest offer to date is the one headed to his doorsteps now in Tennessee.

A name to watch out for is Leonard Gordon from Fort Campbell. The teammate of Micah Johnson got a huge offer from LSU and his name could progress as the attention of Micah continues to heat up.

The most baffling of the early readings is on Corey Peters, the strong defensive end from Central High School in Louisville. While the size has never been questioned, nor the grades, its been Corey's quickness that has been his latest downfall. Many expected the talented Peters to be naming his school by now, but that just hasn't happened.

The Mailbag

What's the difference between Justin Burke and Will Fidler that you see? Why hasn't Will been getting the love that Justin's been getting? - Jason, Franklin

Fidler's got a great arm and size, but his footwork and agility have been questioned at this point. Plus, he plays in a system where he's got 5 wide receivers. He's going to have to learn how to make adjustments at the line and play with three wide receivers. There's a big difference and there is going to have to be a learning curve there. The level of competition has been questioned by many coaches recruiting both Justin Burke and Will Fidler, as both play against suspect competition according to some. Burke's got the benefit of playing at Catholic, where he not only gets great exposure, but he's got a terrific head coach in Bob Spire, who has proven he can not only develop talent but get kids ready to play at the next level. His track record has helped Burke gain the attention that he has received and will continue to receive. I'd say right now Fidler's not as polished of a quarterback as Burke, but that Fidler's got a lot more upside. For Kentucky to have the time to allow Fidler to mature and learn, it's a great fit.

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