JOHN: Adrian Oliver makes a college choice

Adrian Oliver visited Kentucky and Washington within a week of each other. And it didn't take him long to make up his mind. Click inside to find out where Adrian will be playing college basketball.

Adrian Oliver made a verbal commitment to the University of Washington, according to his high school coach, Gary Porter.

"He loved his visit to Kentucky," coach Porter said, "but Washington had the upper hand going into the visit. He really has bonded with coach Romar and really liked the staff and other folks he met."

Oliver committed to Washington before the visit was even over, "He knew what he wanted to do and just didn't see any reason to not go ahead and make the commitment.

Romar had built a strong relationship with Adrian and his family, and his family made no secret of the fact that Washington was the school they preferred that Adrian attend, "The Sacramento airport is not that far from here," Porter said, and Southwest Airlines as well as Alaska Airlines has frequent flights. Seattle is just a short jaunt from here and relatively inexpensive. Romar is a good man, he's building a good program and it's convenient for the parents."

So was teammate Michael Porter sad about the decision?

"Sure," coach Porter said, "but not too bad. Michael and Adrian both knew that it was never a sure thing that they would play in college together. Both young men made choices that were the best for them."

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