VAUGHT: Bearup's take on Morris and the NBA

Bret Bearup recently witnessed a workout in Atlanta that featured a number of players with NBA aspirations, including Kentucky's Randolph Morris. Read his thoughts on the workout and Randolph's NBA draft potential by clicking this link:

Bret Bearup didn't really see anything unexpected from Randolph Morris when he watched him work out two days with players from Georgia Tech, Charlotte and Clemson recently in Atlanta.

"It was about what I expected," said Bearup, the former Kentucky player who now is president of Pro Trust, a financial management firm that includes many high profile clients. "The good thing is his size. He's 6-10 and weighs 250 or so. He's big and strong. He's good offensively. He can score."

That's the plus side every NBA team sees when it looks at Morris. But what about the downside? What negatives will NBA teams see?

"The thing that will cost him spots in the draft, in my opinion, is that he doesn't run that well and he doesn't rebound," Bearup said.

Bearup said he's not sure if Morris "can't or won't" run hard all the time. But he has major concerns about Morris' lack of consistent rebounding during his first year at Kentucky.

"He doesn't rebound well in traffic. He doesn't block, or alter, shots. You want those things in your low post guy," Bearup said. "I think some of those things can be rectified in terms of playing harder. Playing hard can be learned to a certain extent, but on the other hand you seldom see guys that are mediocre rebounders in college become great rebounders in the NBA.

"Rebounding is the one thing that usually translates well from college to the NBA. If you can rebound well in college, you can rebound in the NBA. But Morris is a mediocre to poor rebounder given his size. That's a big concern when it comes to the NBA."

Still, despite his concerns, Bearup still thinks there's an excellent chance some NBA team will use a first-round pick on Morris in late June.

"I think somebody will take him in the first round because he is big and strong and has good offensive skills," Bearup said. "Those are skills you don't see in a lot of guys his size. There will be teams enamored with those offensive skills and all it takes is for one team to really believe in you and you get picked in the first round."

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