GIDEL: SC QB Sees Good Fit At UK

Columbia (SC) quarterback B.J. Phillips saw his stock skyrocket in the early recruiting period, but has since seen it fizzle out.

"Not much has changed, I'm not getting any significant interest from anybody different of late," Phillips said. "It's pretty much the same schools right now."

The Spring Valley High School star currently sports scholarship offers Kentucky and Rutgers, while also sporting a conditional offer from Stanford (grades) and Maryland (camp).

Vanderbilt is close to making an offer and he's continuing to receive interest from South Carolina, Clemson, Florida State, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, NC State, Duke, Wake Forest, Virginia, Auburn, Iowa State, Illinois, Nebraska and Oregon.

"I'm going to go to some more camps and see how things go and possibly get some more offers, but I'm pretty pleased with how things are going right now," Phillips added. "I would have liked to have some more offers at this point, but I'll just go to some camps this summer and hopefully prove myself worthy of some more."

One school who had reportedly already extended an offer is wanting to take another look before pulling the trigger on an offer.

"I'm going to probably go up to Maryland," "They've kinda offered me. I'll probably go to Vanderbilt, they seem very interested in me right now and I'll be making it up to UNC and maybe some other schools like Kentucky."

Asked for a leader, Phillips declined, but did offer additional information on one of his scholarship offers, which was deemed an unlikely destination when he first received the offer.

"I'm definitely liking Kentucky, a lot more, right now," Phillips said. "It's a good school and it's in the SEC, it seems like there is opportunity there and the offense they run really seems to fit me."

"The coaching staff has really made me feel like they want me and I can see myself playing at UK more and more."

Phillips will more then likely choose a college destination that fits his style of play.

"I'm definitely gonna look at the offense," Phillips concluded. "Me and my coach sat down after the season ended and we talked about schools that fit me and my style. We talked about the likelihoods that I'd fit in at each school. We definitely looked at the schools that are going to showcase my abilities and with me, that means a school that doesn't run all the time."

Phillips completed just 103-of-229 passes (45%) for over 1300 yards while leading six scoring drives against six interceptions this past year for Spring Valley High School, but while those numbers don't compare to other top flight quarterbacks, perhaps they don't tell the complete story. "We had over 60 dropped passes this year," sighed Noonan. "We were going all over the place trying to find players to catch the ball."

B.J. is a 4.0 student and will not have any problems qualifying.

"I can do just about everything," Phillips said of his abilities. "I'm very good at play-action and in the shotgun. If I have to run, I'll run. I'll do whatever I have to do to get the job done."

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