VAUGHT: Top Kentucky quarterbacks making decisions

Kentucky's top two high school quarterbacks have different thought patterns on when they might make their college choice.

Lexington Catholic quarterback Justin Burke has made recent trips to Boston College, Rutgers, North Carolina State, Clemson and Stanford. He currently has 14 scholarship offers.

Henderson County quarterback Will Fidler has recently attended one-day camps at Maryland, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina State. His two current offers are from Kentucky and Western Michigan.

Burke now says he may narrow his list to a top five in the next week when some other scholarship offers he is anticipating based on his camp performances arrive. "After that I think I might have a decision by the time school starts," Burke said. "During the last two years I've been able to visit all the schools I'm interested in. Now I can make an educated choice. That's the reason the process has been speeded up for me."

Burke was not anticipating making a decision until after his high school season ended and he took his official visits. Instead, he's decided the period now where college coaches cannot call him might be the perfect time to make his decision. He can contact the coaches he needs information from as well as talk to his high school coach, Bob Sphire.

"You would be amazed at how many times a day I get asked where I am going to school or what schools are in my top five. My parents get asked as much as I do. We can't even go out to eat without that being the big topic of conversation," Burke said. "Everybody has opinions on certain schools. People joke with us that a certain school hasn't won or recruits different from other schools. But I don't listen to any of that. I know better than to let others influence me."

Besides, nothing has really changed on his priority scale.

"It's still academics first, athletics second," Burke said. "Nothing I've seen or heard has changed my priorities on that."

Fidler apparently is still not close to making a college choice -- and he doesn't know when he might me. "I don't know what I am going to do. I'll just commit when I feel comfortable. I don't have a set deadline," Fidler said. "Going to all the schools I did will help make my decision easier. I have an idea about a lot of schools.

"If I have a good season, I will pick up a lot more offers if I have not committed by then. I just have to decide where I want to do and if it is Kentucky, then I will commit now. If it is somewhere else, then I will have to play well, go visit and try to get an offer."

The good news for Kentucky when it comes to Fidler is that he is not overly consumed with how the Wildcats fare this year. He likes the staff and the way it has recruited him. "They are real easy guys to talk to. They send me text message a lot. Any time I want to come up, I can. They know what they are doing," Fidler said.

"It's going to take more than a year to turn the program around. They need a couple of good recruiting classes. They did that last year, but they probably are not going to win the SEC championship this year. However, if they have a good attitude, it will show what they can do in the future. Whether they are good or not this year will not solely determine how I think they will do in the future."

Fidler also was turned off by the way camps were run at some schools. He said one school especially left a "sour taste" over its operation. "But it wasn't Kentucky," he said. "I won't say where it was, but it was not Kentucky."

Fidler expects other scholarship offers to come this fall after Henderson County starts playing games. "I didn't do very well at a workout in Lexington in front of a lot of coaches. That's why I went to so many camps. But I did a lot better at the camps and I know the offers are going to come if I play the way I can," Fidler said.

Obviously, both quarterbacks are top targets for Kentucky. The Cats are in the mix for other quarterbacks as well, but Burke is a top national target and Fidler is a player offensive coordinator Joker Phillips could fit well into his system.

If Burke chooses UK early, no way will Fidler pick the Cats. But if Burke picks another school, then Fidler's delay on his college decision could make him an even bigger recruiting target for the Cats.

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