TIREY: J-Lo 45 pounds lighter to impress Giants

Former Kentucky quarterback and famous big person Jared Lorenzen updated me on what is happening in his on-again, off-again, on-again relationship with the New York Giants in the NFL. Believe it or not, Jared has lost some weight and trying to do what head coach Tom Coughlin and the Giants staff are wanting in this off-season.

Lorenzen was given a free agent deal with the Giants after completing his college eligibility in 2003. But after doing some preliminary work with the Giants before last season, Lorenzen left the Giants camp. Lorenzen said he was cut, the Giants insisted that they didn't cut him. Whatever happened, the Giants thought enough of Lorenzen to keep his rights and now the former Kentucky QB is finally taking the steps needed that could find him on the roster of the NFL club when the 2005 season begins.

Lorenzen arrived for good in New York on March 20, and was working out constantly with the team until June 16. He gets a bit of a break, and then has to report back for summer training camp on July 28. "I have heard a lot of things," said Jared, referring to any comments the coaches made about his chances of making the roster. "They had me running with the two's for a day, and then the three's and four's. You just kind of went back and forth. I can say nothing but great things about Coach (Tom) Coughlin. The first day I got there, I was nervous, and he said we had to get my weight down, but it was all on me. I met with him every week just to talk with him about certain things. While I was up there, I lost 45 pounds."

The quarterback situation with the Giants certainly presents Lorenzen an opportunity to at least be holding a clipboard this upcoming season. Of course, the number one spot on the depth chart belongs to another former SEC signal caller, in Eli Manning. But after that, it gets a bit cloudy. Tim Hasselbeck, a four-year vet from Boston College, and Jesse Palmer, a five-year vet out of Florida and former Bachelor star, make up the remaining QBs on the Giants roster right now. There are four guys battling for three spots. If the Giants keep Lorenzen, they could save some money by not having to pay the experience that Hasselbeck and Palmer bring. Lorenzen plays down the money issue. "You look at so many different things. I think that may have a small part to do with it. I think if Jesse and Tim and myself are equal, that may be a deciding factor. But at that level, honestly, what is $100,000 to them? I mean, it is a multibillion dollar industry…so I have to not count on that and work harder and make myself clearly better than the next person."

Lorenzen would not reveal his exact weight right now, but clarified that the Giants were happier. "I am where they want me now," said Jared. "It's just learning the system now. I have the weight down and it's not an issue. It's more ‘can I pick up an offense' and do all I can do." And this offense is one tricky puppy. "It's probably ten times harder than anything I have ever done. A whole bunch of words and terminology. We will tell the basic pass protection, but then we tell every single receiver what they are doing. It's just a lot of verbs to spit out. Not only are you thinking about the play you just called, but you are thinking about what defense and checks you have. So it's just a lot more difficult than what I have ever had to go through."

Lorenzen did have some inside information about one of the new coaches on the Kentucky coaching staff. It seems one of his teammates with the Giants is intimately familiar with Kurt Roper, the new quarterbacks coach for Rich Brooks. Eli Manning may have known him a bit down at Ole Miss. "Eli says nothing but phenomenal things about him. They are going to throw the ball down the field more. With Hudson, it was a side-to-side offense, kind of like Mumme."

The New York media has been known to be brutal at times, but Lorenzen says they have been decent to him so far. "They are not as mean to me as I thought they would be. They haven't come up with any more nicknames, so that is a plus." Soon, he could pick up a new nickname anyway. NFL quarterback. I don't think he would mind…

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