VAUGHT: Tamme sees an improved UK offense

Not only is Jacob Tamme a talented football player, he's also one who understands logic. That's why as much as he dislikes seeing a poll rating UK's Rich Brooks as the nation's second worst coach or preseason forecasts putting Kentucky at the bottom of the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division, he understands what causes those predictions.

"We see those things, but we don't pay attention to them. If anything, it's a little bit of motivation," Tamme said. "We know that a lot of national media people do not respect us because we have not put the best product on the field the last couple of years. But we also know we can improve and that we will improve.

"Preseason ratings don't amount to much. Where was Auburn in last year's preseason ratings? The negative stuff, we see it. But I understand why it is there and that we have to work hard to get things turned around to change those kind of perceptions."

Tamme does agree with one perception about UK football — the offense should be better this year under coordinator Joker Phillips and quarterback coach Kurt Roper.

"The attitude change on offense that went in place in the spring has carried over and has to be here in the fall," Tamme said. "The chemistry between the coaches and players, and the players between themselves, is so much better than last year.

"Last year our defense kept us in games, but we couldn't score. We couldn't move the ball to take advantage of what the defense did. I think this year with us moving the ball, we will give the defense more of a break. We put them out there on short rest way too many times last year. This year we are going to move the ball and score."

He says Phillips and Roper have a chemistry that has helped the offense.

"It has really been a lot of fun being around those two coaches. All our coaches have good chemistry, but that's especially true with coach Roper and coach Phillips," Tamme said. "Coach Roper seems like he could run his own offense. He knows a lot about the game and relates well to us and especially with (quarterback) Andre (Woodson). I think having coach Phillips and coach Roper together is really going to be a good combination and one that will make us a lot better than most people think."

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