BCS Announces Standings Formula

DALLAS – The conferences and institutions participating in the Bowl Championship Series announce that the standings formula for the 2005 season will consist of the USA Today Coaches Poll, a new Harris Interactive College Football PollSM and an average of six computer rankings (Anderson & Hester, Richard Billingsley, Colley Matrix, Kenneth Massey, Jeff Sagarin and Peter Wolfe).

The BCS Standings will continue to be computed in the same manner as last year, with equal weight given to each of the three components.

"The addition of the Harris Interactive College Football Poll allows us to continue with the BCS formula as it existed in 2004," said BCS Coordinator and Big 12 Commissioner Kevin Weiberg. "This consistency was desired by commissioners, administrators and coaches. Harris Interactive® possesses a wealth of experience in the polling business. We are very comfortable with the approach Harris has taken in constructing this new poll."

Gregory Novak, President and Acting CEO of Harris Interactive states, "We are very pleased that our more than 40 years of polling experience will add independence, objectivity and statistically valid sampling principles to the BCS formula."

The Harris Interactive College Football Poll will rank the Top 25 teams on a weekly basis during the 2005 season, September 25 through December 4. The panel, comprised of former coaches, players, administrators and media (in approximately an 80 percent/20 percent split), with a goal of 114 participants, has been randomly drawn by Harris Interactive from among more than 300 nominations supplied by the conference offices and Notre Dame athletics director Kevin White, and is a statistically reliable representation of all 11 Division I-A conferences and independent institutions.

Harris Interactive assigned each nominee an identification number and randomly sent invitations. Each potential panelist received an overnight letter explaining the voting process and inquiring about their interest and commitment. Harris Interactive followed up with phone calls to determine willingness to participate. Panelist slots are being filled by conference, each represented equally, all randomly selected to be invited to participate from among its list of nominees. The names of all voters will be released prior to the start of the season.

Harris Interactive will post the poll results to its website each Sunday. For the December 4th poll, individual votes will be made public.

The first BCS Standings of the 2005 season will be released October 17th.

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