VAUGHT: Hobbs discusses Randolph Morris

Kentucky associate coach Dave Hobbs says there's no doubt if Randolph Morris has his eligibility restored at Kentucky that he will still miss part of the season.

"There's no question he will have to sit something. It's just a question of how much," Hobbs said today during the summer SEC teleconference.

Hobbs sat in for Tubby Smith, who was in Scotland and could not be reached.

Hobbs confirmed that Morris has done all he can to petition for reinstatement and that "what may happen is only speculation on our part" until the NCAA reaches a decision. "We will know (about his status) at whatever time the NCAA lets us know," Hobbs said.

Hobbs said Smith had not told the other UK coaches if he asked Morris about how long he planned to stay at Kentucky if he was reinstated after putting his name into last month's NBA draft and then going undrafted.

"I doubt very seriously if they even discussed it," Hobbs said.

Hobbs said Kentucky has to be in position to "move on" without Morris until it knows what his status will be. He said junior Lukasz Obrzut has worked hard this summer and should be a bigger factor for UK next season. He noted that Sheray Thomas is recovering well from last year's surgery that rendered him ineffective. Hobbs said he was down to taking only one medication and had regained weight and strength. He said Shagari Alleyne should also be better.

"These guys are going to get an opportunity. The question is how will they take advantage of it when it comes," Hobbs said.

If Morris does return, Hobbs says not only does he have to improve his footwork and scoring skills, but that he must become a more intense player on a consistent basis. "He has to learn to play with that intensity all the time," Hobbs said.

Hobbs said UK's returning players had plenty of questions about Morris' status the last few weeks. "Sometimes we weren't able to tell them a lot, either," Hobbs said.

Hobbs says it is impossible to predict what impact Morris' possible return could have on other players.

"The bottom line is he is a good kid. Some say he made a mistake (by trying the draft). But he is not a guy we had any kind of problem with off the court or any issues academically last year. We are not bringing back a troubled guy," Hobbs said. "A lot depends on how he is when he comes back as to how other players will view his situation. It just remains to be seen how other players will view that."

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