GIDEL: KY Top 20 CB/WR Update

Noticeably present in the many pre-season Kentucky top 20 lists set to be released this fall is Garnett Phelps, a 5-foot-11, 185 pound athlete from Louisville (Ky.). Despite the accolades, one thing that hasn't followed the Ballard High School star is attention.

Phelps is still a relatively unknown prospect, despite the fact he's been one of the more heavily sought after recruits in the state. That could be because the talented athlete has been participating in the Governors Scholar Program in Frankfurt (Ky.), where the states best and brightest are invited to participate each year.

"This has been a great experience for me," Phelps said in regards to his trip to Frankfurt. "I'm very fortunate to have this opportunity and am really enjoying the time in the program."

Because of the program, Phelps hasn't had much of a chance to narrow things down, recruiting wise. "I don't have any offers at this point, but I know there are a lot of schools calling and in contact with me," Phelps said. "Wake Forest, Indiana, Kentucky, Western Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky are the main ones that call the most right now."

And what about the hometown Cards?

"We went to a couple spring practices and stuff, but they haven't been calling as much as the others right now," Phelps said about Louisville. "If they did, I would definitely listen, though."

Phelps missed three games last season with a hairline fracture, but would still garner his second all-state honor in as many varsity seasons at wide receiver. As a sophomore, the dual sport star was honored at cornerback, thus showing his versatility and flexibility. He was timed at 4.45 in May 2005 at the Jefferson County combine.

"I'm very energetic on the field," Phelps explained, "like the energizer bunny."

"A lot of people put me down as a defensive back, but I like wide receiver. Anything that comes close to me, I can catch and when the balls in my hands, I can make plays with my feet."

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