DEMAREE: Jeremy Jarmon is mocked no more

Jeremy Jarmon, a youngster from Germantown, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis was mocked hard about signing with Kentucky at the Kentucky-Tennessee All-Star game. "They definitely messed with me a little bit," Jarmon said. "Some of the guys didn't know who I was but the guys from Memphis pretty much told them who I was. They told them that I was a good player and that they would find out."

Jarmon continued, "Somewhere down the line the quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs, found out who I was very quickly and they stopped messing with me about going to Kentucky. They saw that I was just as good as anybody out there. Some of those UT (University of Tennessee) guys, they get it in their heads that because they are going to UT, they are the best. When they found out there were some players out there that are going other places in the conference, they realize that this really is a good conference and the hazing stops pretty quickly."

Back during the game, Kentucky's Corey Zirbel, a University of Michigan signee, also found out how good Jarmon was after he blew by him into the backfield several times.

Defensive end Jarmon joins what appears to be a strong class of freshman. Unfortunately, he will have to be redshirted because of an injury that occurred during the All-Star week practice. In spite of the injury, he played outstanding in the game.

"It happened about the third day of practice when my shoulder came close to separating," Jarmon said. "It tore some cartilage in his shoulder joint. The doctor said it took about 20-25 minutes to repair and I would have to sit out this season. It feels great right now and there is absolutely no pain."

About two week after reporting to UK for summer classes and the injury was discovered, he had the surgery. "He used his insurance and we called the All–Star committee," UK trainer Jim Madaleno, who orchestrated the proper steps to make sure it got paid for outside of the university, said. We honored our promise to take care of the situation and now the kid trusts us."

" Jarmon said that when he was recruited, he was told by the coaches that he would probably redshirt. But after some of the issues they had with some people leaving the program, he was mentally and physically preparing to take the redshirt off.

Jarmon played in the All-Star game at 262-pounds but now with the loss of some upper body strength, he is down to 251-pounds. He said some of the weight has gone to his legs, which he's been able to work on. "When I get back in the weight room, get back on some proteins, get back eating healthy, it will come back pretty quickly. Hopefully when it kickoffs next September, I'll have 20 more." Perhaps he can form bookend defensive ends with 285-pound Ventrell Jenkins as a young tandem. Coach Mike Archer likes Jenkins' agility and quickness and given the need at defensive end, is pushing him to play.

Jarmon reported to UK right after the All-Star game and enrolled in school. He took UK 101 and College Algebra. With six college credits already earned, Jarmon plans to major in political science.

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