VAUGHT: Felton says Rondo's level of poise is rare

Georgia coach Dennis Felton thought Rajon Rondo was a good player last year when he had to coach against him. Now that he's helping coach Rondo on the USA team playing in the Under 21 World Championship in Argentina, Felton is even more impressed.

"What I like most about his game is his ability to create both on offense and defense," said Felton. "He has created a lot on offense from his defense in this tournament. He has a disruptive pressure on the ball and the ability to steal the ball. He's so quick and sure with the ball in his hands that he creates a lot of offense, too.

"And that has become especially valuable when you consider the 24-second shot clock. You end up having so many possessions when you have to make something happen. You have to rely on the players to make something happen in those last eight seconds and Rajon has been terrific in that. The other thing I like about Rajon is that he's very, very calm and poised. You always want your point guard to be that way."

Felton says Rondo's overall understanding of how to play and his willingness to rebound, pass score and defend make him a valuable player.

"He impacts the game in a lot of ways. He has an appreciation and willingness for the point guard position and doing the things that make point guards effective for his team. Kentucky has a very bright future with him at the point," Felton said.

Felton recruited Rondo as a freshman and sophomore in Louisville and he was still the head coach at Western Kentucky. He knew then Rondo might be one of those special players.

"I've always had a great appreciation for Rajon's ability and talent. I think the reason he started at point at Kentucky this year is for those very same reasons. He's extremely talented and he does have a level of poise that is rare for players at that young age," Felton said.

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