VAUGHT: The mentee becomes the mentor

Andre Woodson still remembers asking quarterbacks Jared Lorenzen and Shane Boyd for advice when he got to Kentucky. Now he finds himself on the other side as freshman Curtis Pulley is asking him for help.

"It's weird. I was the one trying to follow the footsteps of Jared and Shane. Now he's kind of following me," UK's sophomore quarterback said. "I guess that's just the way it is in a Division I program.

"I was an immature athlete when I got here. I didn't take things seriously. Now I understand this is my team and I have to lead. Players are depending on m. I have to set the right example. I have to be in the film room. I have to help Curtis Pulley. I think I am doing a pretty good job because Curtis does ask my advice. He's definitely more mature than I was as a freshman, too."

Woodson says he has no great words of wisdom for Pulley. "Basically I just tell him he can't get frustrated right now," Woodson said. "He's a great runner. I can tell you that. He has tremendous speed and acceleration. He needs to work on his form and how he throws the football. He needs a better delivery. But he's working hard and doing well. In a couple of years, he will be pretty good."

Kentucky hopes it has a "couple of years" before it has to depend on Pulley. But an injury to Woodson or an ineffective offense could result in Pulley playing much sooner than that.

"Curtis is really talented, but we will see when he plays," quarterback coach Kurt Roper said. "If the situation arises, he has to compete and try to win. If he goes in the game, we are not playing give up. We will still be trying to win. It's his challenge right now to get himself prepared to win a game. In the reality of our situation, he has no choice but to be ready."

Roper likes having quarterbacks who will push each other to improve as Woodson and Pulley have been doing since preseason camp started.

"The most impressive thing about Curtis is how he has worked at getting better every day," Roper said. "He's very coachable. He's a great listener. He tries to work at getting better and it is important to him. If you have a guy that getting better is important to, then you have a chance to be successful."

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