JOHN: Perry Stevenson update

KSR caught up with Perry Stevenson and chatted with him about the latest with his recruitment. Find out what areas of the game that he feels he has developed, what areas he feels he needs to work on and which team has contacted him recently to discuss a visit.

Perry Stevenson is still in no hurry to make a decision.   The soft-spoken 6-foot-9, 200 lb Louisiana standout wants to weigh all his options, "I am down to Texas, Texas Tech, LSU, Wake Forest, Miami and Kentucky," Stevenson said.

Stevenson's High School coach Rick Lebato added that Georgia Tech is also being considered by Stevenson and that the Stevenson family is currently trying to schedule an official visit with the Yellowjackets.

While Kentucky has not yet made an offer, the Cats have indeed been in touch with the Northside High School superstar within the last few days, "Their assistant coach Reggie Hanson has told me that Kentucky is interested in me.   They know I have six schools on my list but they have let me know they'd like me to visit if I want. I think they are very interested."

So is Kentucky a school you'd like to visit?

"Most definitely," Stevenson said, "I have heard about how exciting Midnight Madness is so I might do that. Kentucky is one of the biggest names in college basketball. Their Midnight Madness is a huge event. I think that would be fun to be part of."

So has the visit been scheduled yet?

"Kentucky is one of two schools that Perry has been scheduled to visit," coach Lebato said, "Perry will visit during Midnight Madness. Of the other five schools, Perry will trim two and schedule three more visits. At least that is the plan now."

Of the six schools on your list, are you leaning in any one direction?

"No," Stevenson reflected, "I really want to keep myself open, take my visits, think it through and understand my options before making a decision. I am not tied to staying near home or anything like that but I want to be where I fit best, where I can help the team and develop personally."

So, do you feel like you've developed this summer?

"Yes, for certain. I worked very hard on my ability to handle the ball, and I think I came a long way. I also knew I needed to work on putting the ball on the floor and finishing around the basket. I am not disappointed with how I have developed but I know that I have some work to do in that area."

Coach Lebato added, "Perry's defense has always been there, shot blocking and rebounding. He has been a force defensively, but I have really been impressed with his improvement in those areas. He is working hard to build his strength. Once he has built his strength he will be in position to dominate at a very high level."

What do you feel like you need to work on most?

"Strength. no doubt about it. I did work on my stength this summer but I'll be working on it a lot more. I noticed how much better I have played as I get stronger, so I know I'll improve as my strength continues to develop.   I'll be working on that hard this year."

So do you have a personal timeline on when you will make a decision?

"No. I am going to take my time and not rush."

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