VAUGHT: 'Cats focused on Cards

While the official game plan for Louisville was not shown to the Kentucky football team until today, the Cats have been looking at the Cardinals since starting preseason practice. "I know we have watched them numerous times as receivers, and the quarterbacks do the same thing," said Kentucky offensive coordinator Joker Phillips.

"If we get free time, we show a little bit of Louisville to our units. We've still been busy trying to get our assignments and schemes down and figuring out who can play, but we have taken a look or two at Louisville."

A look or two? The Kentucky coach obviously watched hours of Louisville film during the summer. Players have been doing the same thing. While many might want to believe the UK-Louisville is more important to the Cardinals than it is to UK, don't tell that to the UK football team.

"It's not too hard to get your players up for this game. It's our first game. There has been a lot of talk all summer about this game. There's not much we have to do to get them ready for this one," Phillips said. "No, the game doesn't end our season. It's still a long season, win or lose.

"But our guys are eager to play. We went through 15 practices in the spring. We'll have had about 29 in the fall by the time the game gets here. We're tired of hitting each other. We will be ready to hit someone else. Louisville just happens to be that first opponent."

So there's no revenge motive, especially playing at home to start a season where the team has to show improvement to make sure the coaching staff stays intact for next year?

"Our players just want to play, and win, because it's the first game. Sure, it's a rivalry game. But more importantly it is our first game and we're just eager to go play. Once the game starts, all that hype goes away. You don't worry about who said what or who did what last year. It's all about this year," Phillips said.

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