VAUGHT: Josh Minton more than just a talent

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to be around a lot of athletes, especially at the high school level. While I enjoy collegiate sports, there's nothing better than watching high school athletes compete with friends they've known for years in front of fans they know personally.

It's also easy to determine when a high school athlete is special for more than just his athletic ability. From what I've seen, Southwestern lineman Josh Minton fits into that category.

He's a big, quick linemen with good footwork. He blocks and tackles equally well. He's a student of the game and seldom makes mistakes.

Not surprisingly, he has offers from major schools across the country from Oklahoma to LSU to Alabama to Kentucky. While he's been careful not to list a leader, the school who signs Minton is going to get a first-class youngster.

Recently he played in a bowl game here in Danville, Ky., where I live. A week before the game he was one of the players that attended the bowl dinner. He was at ease in his coat and tie and interacted well with KSR's Jim Tirey when he was interviewed during the dinner.

His team played well and won in the bowl game. But immediately after the game he also served as the escort for Southwestern's queen candidate. His initial plan was to take off his sweaty football uniform and change into formal clothes. He was relieved when Southwestern's queen candidate realized it was way too hot for him to do that. But what impressed me was that he never wavered on his commitment and if she had wanted him in a shirt and tie, that's what he would have done.

If that wasn't enough, he shook hands with several Danville players and wished them luck as they went on the field for the next game. Not many players would have done that, especially considering Southwestern will play Danville this week.

"That's just the kind of kid he is. None of this attention has gone to his head," Southwestern coach Dale Anderson said. "He's very grounded. He's focused on our team and is just a great kid to be around. Not everybody could handle all this attention and remain the same, but he has. Somebody is really going to get a good player when they sign Josh, but they are also going to get a great kid."

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