TIREY: Top hoops recruit visits UK this weekend

Basketball recruits for the 2006 class have already begun scheduling visits, and the University of Kentucky has an early visit this weekend from one at the top of their list. Brandan Wright, a 6-foot-9 power forward from Brentwood Academy in Nashville, will be a UK guest at the Louisville-Kentucky football game this weekend in Lexington. It will serve as his official visit to the Kentucky campus. Wright is considered by Scout.com to be the number one power forward recruit in the country.

Wright has led his Brentwood team to three straight state championships in Tennessee. He basically can choose from a list of suitors from the elite of division one college basketball. Wright averaged 20 points a game and more than 12 rebounds a game for Coach George Pitts at Brentwood.

Wright has enjoyed the recruiting process, even though the constant nagging from media types like me gets to be a bit of a drag sometimes.

"It's not getting on my bad side," said Wright, "but it can be nagging at times. I just take every day and just cherish it, because a lot of young people like me do not get an opportunity to go through this like I do, you know with all the schools wanting you. It's the easiest way to get a free education. But the recruiting process? I really don't mind. Like I say, the phone calls can be nagging sometimes, but that's all right with me."

As reported by Scout.com earlier, Wright has narrowed his list of schools down to five, and those five are the winners of the official visits. "I'm coming to UK this weekend," said Wright. "And my top five list is UK, North Carolina, Duke, Louisville, and Vandy." Wright mentioned that he is anxious to see the big football game this weekend. "Yeah, I'm going to catch that game. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm a big football fan."

While other top basketball recruits flirt with other choices such as the NBDL, or European basketball, as well as their college choices, Wright made no such claims. "No, no other choices. I'll be enrolled in college come the fall." But how long will he stay in college? "I don't know. Whatever lies ahead of me...if I go out and perform very well my freshman year, I could be out of there. But if I need time to develop, even if it takes two, three, or even four years, whenever I'm ready to make the next step, then I'll make that decision."

Brandan has three important factors that will go into his decision when finally choosing a school.

"Obviously, the coach has to be the kind of person that I want to play for, the kind of person I want to be around. He has to be a good guy outside of the court. The place I'm going to live will be a factor. And the players that I will play with, what kind of people those guys are. Those are the main three things for me."

How does Kentucky stack up with those factors? "I have a good relationship with Coach Smith and Coach Hanson. We talk on a regular basis. It's close to home. It's a big-time program. It's a place that produces NBA players. It's everything I want."

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