LEMOND: UK, UL battle over Justin Jefferies

Kentucky and Louisville aren't just rivals on the football field. They're also rivals in the living rooms of the top high school football players in the state. The two school's latest conquest - St. Xavier offensive lineman Justin Jefferies.

Kentucky offensive coordinator Joker Phillips recently watched the St. Xavier / Lexington Catholic high school football game. Two days later. he offered Jefferies a scholarship. The only problem, Louisville had beat him to the punch and had already offered a scholarship as well.

"I got my first couple of offers the past few weeks from Kentucky and Louisville," Jefferies said. "I've been waiting all summer and working real hard, so I can get those offers."

Jefferies is the anchor of a very good St. X offensive line. He's a little over 6'5" and recently checked in at 298 pounds. He says he's as confused as anyone as to why it took so long for anybody to make him an offer.

"I'm not sure," he said. "maybe they just wanted to see what I could do this year and see how I progressed and stuff like that."

Not only does Jefferies have the size and the strength to play offensive line in college, he's also got the bloodline. His father, Curtis Jefferies, was a high school All-American at Southern high school in Louisville.

"Justin is starting to get that type of athletic ability, and he's got the size to go with it," said St. X coach Mike Glaser. "Justin is an outstanding young man, and I tell you what, he's just a puppy. He's just come into his body. He's really starting to run well."

Jefferies admitted to being a UK fan, but now that he's also got an offer from his hometown school, he said, "I like both schools. I pull for both. I'm not really for one over the other."

He admitted that he hopes to get more offers as the season progresses. "I'm just going to go and look at the colleges, see what I like. I'm going to be there for four years, so you might as well have fun while you're there," he said.

Glaser knows the potential is there, and he's also expecting many other schools to follow UK's and U of L's offer saying, "He's going to be a premiere lineman at the next level."

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