VAUGHT: Cats better but edge still to Cards

No, I don't think Kentucky will beat Louisville Sunday. Yes, I do think Rich Brooks and his staff deserve at least one more year to show that they can rebuild the UK football program no matter what happens this season.

Those are the answers to two questions I've been frequently asked during recent weeks.

While there's no doubt in my mind Kentucky will have a better team this year, the Cats simply don't have the overall talent of Louisville. There are positions where Kentucky is just as good, but overall the edge simply has to go to Louisville. That doesn't mean an upset is an impossibility like it would have been last year when the players simply did not believe in the Kentucky offensive system.

Maybe with a few breaks, a couple of mistakes by Louisville and an uncanny performance by quarterback Andre Woodson, Kentucky could pull off the upset. But I just don't think it is likely.

However, I do sense that Brooks and his staff are making progress. The players seem much more at ease with the overall coaching staff this season. The overall athleticism and team speed have improved tremendously. Talented recruits continue to be interested in the Wildcats.

Brooks inherited a horrendous situation. Not only was UK on probation, but the previous recruiting year had not been a banner one. The Cats had way too many holes and not nearly enough scholarships to correct those problems.

Now Brooks and his staff are starting to get on an even playing field. To abandon the coach after only three years considering the circumstances he inherited just would not be fair — or best for the program.

Maybe UK will win five or more games and put an end to all the talk about Brooks' future. But as long as the team shows progress, then my vote is to keep Brooks and give him and his staff at least one more year to show what they can do.

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