LEMOND: Pulley beginning a learning season

For most of the upcoming college football season, Curtis Pulley is expected to wear a UK baseball hat and carry around a clipboard during game days. That's just fine with him. It's a learning season for the reigning Kentucky Mr. Football, and he is content with being the backup for UK's starting quarterback, Andre Woodson.

"It's time to focus and get everything in order," Pulley said. "We've got a game coming up, so everything is coming together now. We're just coming out here and working real hard."

Nobody has been working harder than Pulley. From the minute he walked on the UK practice fields, the coaching staff has been breaking down his throwing motion and his mechanics. We should say the coaching staff "completely" broke down his throwing style and Pulley underwent a "quarterback overhaul".

"They've (UK coaches) changed the way I've done everything - from the way I grabbed the ball to my technique and everything," Pulley said. "It's really helped out a lot in my improvement in the throwing the football. It's been the main key."

Pulley has improved so much, that head coach Rick Brooks recently said after a UK practice that Pulley, "had his best day of practice throwing the football."

Brooks added, "He (Pulley) has done a pretty good job overall on the other things, but throwing it, he is much improved."

The 6'3" true freshman admitted that making the change in his throwing mechanics was "a little awkward" at first, but he's comfortable with it now. "The ball is coming out better," he said. "There's not so much thinking about it now, just going out there and doing it. It's helped me out a lot because now I can sit back there and throw the ball. Defenses have to play the run and the pass against me."

Pulley also admitted that he is slowing learning the UK playbook. He said he's just learning certain packages and certain formations right now, and then just moving on to the next one. He said, "I'm taking it step-by-step. I've just got to study hard and get ready."

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