In-State Recruits Comment on UK-UL

In-state recruits Paul Warford, Corey Peters, Leonard Gordon and Micah Johnson took in the game yesterday at Commonwealth Stadium. See what they had to say about UK and the season to come.

"UK actually showed me, a lot," Central defensive tackle Corey Peters said. "UK got the biggest plus from me. Everybody was expecting them to just lay over and have a huge loss. Even I was expecting that to be honest, but they are just one mistake away from winning.

"If they would have scored at the end, I think the momentum had already shifted so much that the defense would have been able to stop them and they would have gone down and kicked a field goal to win the game. No doubt in my mind, they were the better team down the stretch."

Madison Central running back Paul Warford and Trigg County offensive lineman Jeff Adams were also in attendance and shared in the enthusiasm. Both were considered 'open' in their recruitments.

"They looked real good," Warford said. "The look to be a lot better than they were last year. I'd have to say, yesterday, made me lean a little bit more towards them."

"Kentucky's a lot better this year, than even I thought," Adams said. "It was a good game. Actually a great game. I thought the Wildcats were gonna pull it out at the end, too."

One guy that has been allegedly leaning towards the Wildcats because of ties to the current team, expressed disappointment in the loss, as well as sadness for the way it ended.

"It was a great game," Fort Campbell safety Leonard Gordon said. "It was a real hard loss for Kentucky. It's really too bad to see them lose like that and have the game end like that, but sometimes it happens that way.

"Everyone was saying it was gonna be a blowout," Gordon said, "but I didn't think it was going to be. UK did impress me on how they played and how hard they played."

Gordon, Micah Johnson, the Fort Campbell coaching staff and current UK safety Marcus McClinton all went out to dinner following the loss.

"He was disappointed," Gordon said. "We all were disappointed about the loss I think. I wish it would have have ended different."

One young man, whom currently received his only two scholarships from Louisville and Kentucky, said that both schools made a very favorable impression.

"Louisville won the game and I think that definitely helped them," St. Xavier offensive lineman Justin Jeffries said. "But, I mean, UK sorta stole everyone's heart. The way they played and the way they were fighting back. It definitely helped them too."

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