VAUGHT: Woodyard: "This is a new Wildcat team"

Wesley Woodyard didn't need defensive coordinator Mike Archer or linebacker coach Chuck Smith to tell him that Kentucky's defense was disappointing in the first half against Louisville. The sophomore linebacker already knew that.

"We were embarrassed. The first two drives we just let them come out and drive the ball down our throats. Then we the offense fumbled, we didn't do anythingn to keep them out of the end zone, either," said Woodyard. "Our defense has to make plays. We know that. No coach had to tell us that.

"Fortunately we came out the second half and kind of took over the game. But that's not enough. We have to play like that for four quarters, not two. Until we do that we are not going to win games."

Woodyard felt Kentucky would win and would not have considered it an upset if the Cats had beat No. 12 Louisville.

"You never go in looking for an upset. If you think upset, then that means you are looking up to a team and putting that team on a higher level than you. I didn't think we could win. I knew we could win," Woodyard said.

That competitive drive is one reason Woodyard is a special player. It's no fluke that his former high school teammate, freshman linebacker Braxton Kelley, has been a major contributor already, either. They played at LaGrange (Ga.) High School and expected to win.

"Any loss hurts. No matter how you lose, it hurts. It was nice that we stepped up the second half and showed how much we want to win because I love these guys on the team," Woodyard said. "We have been working so hard all spring and summer to get the ball moving in the right direction here.

"We've been telling everybody this is a new Wildcat team. This week we are going to show it. Last week we showed it for a half. A game is four quarters and this week you are going to see us lay our heart on the line for all four quarters. Once we do that, you're really going to see a different team."

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