Bo knows defense!

Bo Smith on getting back on the field, "It felt great to get the first hit in. I think it was on Michael Bush and after the first hit I was ready to play the whole game."

In another publication, we wrote an article in the summer of 2003 entitled "Go With Bo for the future." As we all know that Bo Smith didn't go in 2004 because of a baseball bat incident at a party in Oldham County. He took a blow to the head that had it been a little further towards the back of the head it could've been fatal.

We felt that what we saw in Sunday's U of L game in which Bo collected fifteen tackles was what was on tap for 2004. However life has some strange twist that we cannot explain. We just have to look for the silver lining in the Cloud.

Bo has expressed that he feels like he is every bit as good as his partner from Owensboro, Kentucky Justin Miller who went to Clemson at the same time he came to UK. Miller, also a cornerback turned Pro last year. Joker Phillips, who was coaching at South Carolina and played their archrival Clemson, said Miller was not just the best freshman they played against; he was the best player they played against.

We had an occasion to encounter Smith on the sideline of the Paul L. Dunbar versus Madison Central High School. Smith was pacing like a caged up Cat, no pun intended. His eyed were glazed over, he had his grill casting a glare, and he had a knitted cap on his matted head. He was wild - it was scary! He kept on saying, "Boy, I wished we were playing now – I can't wait." Smith's teammates call him ‘psycho.'

We ask Smith if the excitement level matched what I witness at the Dunbar game. "Naw, I went to the Dunbar game partly because it was a high school game and I hadn't seen a high school game in a long time," Smith said. "But it was nothing like me coming to my own game in my own house and I was real emotional, real hype, ready to play because it was my first time coming back on the field again.

"It felt great to get the first hit in. I think it was on Michael Bush and after the first hit I was ready to play the whole game."

Defensive coordinator Mike Archer said, "Bo played like a warrior which I hoped that he would and expected that he would. I knew he was pumped to play – he was ready to play on Tuesday. I told him you don't have to play yet, let's wait until Sunday. He had waited to play for a long time and had a lot of pent up frustrations and not playing hurt him inside. He loves to compete, he loves to play football, he loves to practice and not being able to do that for a year hurt him. When you taking something away that you've done for a long time, you appreciate it. As good as he played, I saw him after the game and he was disappointed. He said ‘I didn't make any plays, I didn't intercept any passes, I didn't knock any balls down.'"

Archer said it is a double-edge sword. You don't want your DB making that many tackles but Archer said he was flying around. "If he saw a runner with the ball he was going to chase the play and make the tackle," Archer said.

Coach Brooks said that was as good a game as a DB can play.

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