2003 Profile: Trey Powell (OL)

At 6-5 and 315 pounds, offensive lineman Trey Powell hasn't begun to narrow his list of schools down, but he's got a pretty good idea what region he'd like to be playing his college ball...

Trey Powell - OL

Offensive Line
6-5, 315, 5.3 
Baldwyn, MS - Baldwyn High School

School Preferences: SEC teams lead Southern Miss, Illinois, Notre Dame, and Colorado

  • Comments: Huge player with a good frame, could step in and add size to any line in the country.
  • Summer Camps: Nike Camp in Tuscaloosa, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Auburn
  • Strength numbers: Bench: 360, Squat: 540

Profile 2003 - Trey Powell (OL)

Need size on the offensive line? Trey Powell is the man for the job then. At 6-5 and 315 pounds, Powell would be an imposing presence on most college football fields, let alone lining up as a high school junior. Coming in to his senior year, Powell should be one of the hottest prospects in the Mississippi.

"I play left tackle," said Powell. "I may see a little time on defense this year, but mostly I play offense. We went 10-2 last season, and we're returning almost everyone, so we should be pretty tough to beat this season. Our goal this season is to win the State Title. We want to go after that ring."

Powell hasn't yet begun to narrow his list of schools down, but he's got a pretty good idea of what region of the country he'd like to play. "The SEC," Powell said without hesitation. "I want to play in the SEC; I'm real open minded about which of the teams, but I've always heard you have to be a real good player to play in the SEC, so that's where I want to go. They also play the most physical brand of football. I've been hearing from other teams like Southern Miss, Illinois, Notre Dame, and Colorado, but I really want to end up at one of the SEC schools."

There's a long way to go for Powell to decide if it's SEC or bust, but the smart money says the 6-5 and 315 pounder will get his choice of schools next February.

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