KSR Radio interviews Brandan Wright

This show is a recruiting gem. A great interview with Brandan Wright confirming his top schools, as well as a discussion with Dave Telep. Also a very interesting interview with Pat Forde, including a discussion of his article on the UK/Morris situation.

This is a GREAT show this week from Rob and Matt. The Brandan Wright interview is a "can't miss" segment of course, but there is a lot of great stuff this week with Dave Telep, Pat Forde, and Jim Tirey all on the show with Matt and Rob.

This is a great basketball recruiting show from start to finish.

The show is in five segments, which you can download or listen to by clicking on these links:

Recruiting talk and the Deon Thompson/UCLA story:
KSR Radio Sept. 29 Part 1

Interview with ESPN.com's Pat Forde:
KSR Radio Sept. 29 Part 2

Recruiting talk with Scout.com's Dave Telep:
KSR Radio Sept. 29 Part 3

Interview with Brandan Wright:
KSR Radio Sept. 29 Part 4

Football picks and UK Football:
KSR Radio Sept. 29 Part 5

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