DEMAREE: Pre-South Carolina Practice Notebook

As the clock moves closer to gametime against Steve Spurrier's South Carolina Gamecocks, we turn to some last minute practice notes and tidbits from Lexington. Cats have recuperated a bit with the off-week last week, and Coach Mike Archer offers some thoughts on the defense, and more.

(Mike Archer, on how to mentally prepare the defense who has struggled all season on stopping the S. Carolina running attack)

Mike Archer: "You've got to keep practicing. That the only thing I know. There's no magic formula- you've got to rep it, you've got to work on it, you've got to give them their sets, and you've got to give them all their blocking schemes. If our guy can recognize formations - they have tendencies that they run certains plays out of and if you do that you give yourself a chance.

(Mike Archer, on the health of the D-line)

Archer: "They're all the same. They still playing in casts and could feel better but their bones are continuing to heal." Bo (Smith) will go.

(Mike Archer, on Wesley Woodyard and Muhammad Abdullah leading in tackles)

Archer: "(The fact that they) are the top tacklers in the league isn't a good sign. If they were playing less plays, that would be good. We have been very poor on third down. Johnny Williams is starting to look more like he did in spring practice."

(Coach Archer, on Dominique Lewis possibly playing both ways)

Archer: "I watched the tape (of the JV game). He did a heck of a job as a running back - he's a load. Lewis was in a blue jersey (offense) today at practice but he's with us right now, Archer said.

Head Coach Rich Brooks talked about Curtis Pulley. He coyly mentioned that he has thought about playing Pulley at quarterback and thought about playing him a wide receiver. He said he looked pretty good in the Florida game. Brooks said Woodson is healthy and has no pain throwing the football.

Offensive coordinator Joker Phillips said that there a possibility Joe Joe Brown will see the field early at wide receiver because of the still tenderness of Glenn Holt's ankle. He said he would like to save Holt as much as he can for the fourth quarter. Phillips said it's possible that in time Brown could work himself into a Jared Parker type receiver but he said he thinks it's going to take some time to get him to that level.

Joker Phillips also discussed Curtis Pulley playing two different positions: "You'll see him possibly at quarterback but for sure as a wide receiver some - not a lot. We gave him a small package at receiver. I thought he handled himself well at quarterback against Florida. We gave him a small package that gave him a chance to be successful. He was in there against the first team and move us down to the seven yard-line and took a sack. They blitz him one time that he didn't recognize it and he probably made a mistake there but the guys a competitor. He's got a lot of fire - he's a quiet kid. When we signed him he was a quiet kid and you don't expect a quiet kid to have that kind of fire."

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