VAUGHT: OL prospect sees pros and cons in UK

Bowling Green junior offensive lineman Stuart Hines says while a team's record could impact his college choice, he's also not afraid to go somewhere and help build a winning team.

"It would be great to go somewhere and I know I helped make them a better team instead of just playing for a team that has already arrived. If I could go somewhere and maybe play, or even start, early and help them win, that would be great. There's a lot of pros and cons about how to look at a team's record when you are being recruited," Hines said.

However, there are apparently few cons when it comes to evaluating Hines' potential. That's why Kentucky extended a scholarship offer to the 6-5, 275-pound Hines early in his junior season.

"Coach Phillips just said they watched film and really liked how I played and that they wanted to go ahead and give me an offer," Hines said. "Actually, I've felt a little pressure since then to live up to the hype and show I deserve that offer. But I really like coach Phillips. He's honest and easy to talk to and like."

Hines went to camps at Auburn and Ohio State last summer and was named the outstanding offensive lineman at the Ohio State camp. He came to the UK-Louisville game earlier this season. He also watched the Georgia-Tennessee game last weekend. "I kind of have a list of schools I would like to see," Hines said.

Bowling Green coach Kevin Wallace has no doubts that Hines will be able to visit almost any school that he wants.

"He is a top level academic student. He has good feet and is aggressive," Wallace said.

Wallace said it would not surprise him to see Hines recruited the same way linebacker Robert Reynolds was in 1999. He eventually went to Ohio State and became a starter.

"Stuart is so coachable. He's an outstanding run blocker and he has improved his pass protection skills. I have no doubt that he will be an outstanding college player," Wallace said. "Typical of most high school linemen, he will need to continue his strength development, which he has the work ethic to accomplish."

Hines says he was "pretty surprised" that Kentucky offered him a scholarship so early. "I get letters from other schools, but I was really flattered by the offer from Kentucky so early," he said. "I am keeping an eye on them. I have never been a big Kentucky fan, but anywhere that will let me play big-time football, then I would be interested."

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