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11:07 pm

Game ends with a PReston Lemaster three to win. How many of you had that in the pool?

A great event...in my personal opinion, the best one I have been to. Hope you enjoyed.

11:04 pm

It is folly to try to read too much into a Midnight Madness game, but I do like the hustle that these guys play with. Woo is literally drowning in sweat...which may be his natural state, but he still is drenched. This team will be fun, I really believe.

11:00 pm

Joe Crawford got genuinely upset at hist teammates for not getting back on defense. Dont see that often in pickup games. Speaking of awesome....Stockton has the moustache coming back!!!

10:58 pm

Nice move by Morris.....good for him....he is the only guy on the team that looks down, and I odnt really understand why. He got a great ovation and I didnt hear one dissenter.....well Pat Forde excepted.

Attendance is 23,174..... a new NCAA record!!!

10:53 pm

That take to the basket by Crawford was nice to see. For this team to be good, we have to have A LOT of that. I am of the opinion that Crawford is the key to the team. As he goes, we will go, in a similar manner to Azubuike last year.

Crowd is screaming for the referee dance contest....some of the loudest cheers of the night....one of them is even good. Shagari and Bobby Perry were bobbin their heads....

Which leads me to the one thing I have really noticed about this bunch. They truly seem to like each other. Teams in past years have had some parts be close and others not....this group seems to take joy in seeing each other do well. That is a great sign.

10:50 pm

Morris gets a nice ovation when he comes in....and then takes maybe the worst shot I have ever seen. It is very rare...I would even call it unbelievable, when a guy gets blocked by the BACK of the backboard....but that just happened....and he followed it up wiht the worst free throw I have ever seen....not good times.

10:48 pm

First points of the season by Sims....does anyone notice that Morris DID NOT start? I think that says a lot about Tubby's mindset.....Some offensive moves by the comedy team of Shaggy and Scooby Woo....

10:45 pm

The last couple of rounds by Williams and Crawford made me sad. Both of those guys were LITERALLY quivering. Very nervous. Rondo did the elbow dunk....that is a lot harder than it looks.

10:43 pm

Nice of Rondo to try and get the crowd involved, but not sure if that guy was up to the task......Shagari and Woo sould really start a comedy team....there is so much potential there.....I mean you hvae two seven footers, one of whom dines on dry steak.....you cant beat that.

10:42 pm

Tough start to the Adam Williams experience at UK...but great job putting on the Shepard jersey...nice respect.....However he didnt put on a bald spot in honor of Jeff...which was nice.

10:38 pm

The Detroit announcer just called Cameron Mills..."John Mills"....he was so distraught, he got crushed by Sparks and Moss.

10:34 pm

Sims is popping threes....I didnt realize he had that kind of range....i dont think he has missed.

SHeppard is now also warming up....must be playing....and losing his hair. Tubby just drained a three and left his hand up in the air, a la Marbury.

The referees are stretching. IS that necessary for a pickup game? That would be my personal highlight of Midnight Madness however, if a referee pulled a hammy....tell me you dont want to see that?

10:32 pm

Cameron Mills is shooting with the team. Is he playing?

10:28 pm

Say what you want about him....but Adam Williams has some SERIOUS hops....and when he jumps, it looks effortless...that is a true athlete.

10:22 pm

Now that was cool! The Pistons announcer going nuts....bringing up Tobacco Road with Bobby Perry....the tall man Shagari.....the HUGE explosions (Which scared me).....and watching Tubby dance....PRICELESS

However the moment that stands out once again comes from my man Woo. Goes to give a chest bump to the mascot, misses and they both almost fall down....is anything better than this guy?

10:17 pm

They brought the Pistons guy to announce the players!!!! I love it. I know he isnt for everyone, but I love his style. And the crowd is on the verge of ecstacy.

Top 10 moments

10. Ky beats Illinois in 1984 to go to Final 4.

9. Ky beats houston in 1984

8. Ky beats top ranked IU in 1982

7. Ky beats Ville in first reg season game

6. Ky beats Maryland in 1999

5. Kyle Macy hits a tieing shot to beat Kansas in 1978

4. Kentucky beats Pitino.

3. Kentucky beats LSU in 1990

2. Kentucky beats #1 Florida in 2003

1. TAYSHAUN!!!!!


An appearance by Deron Feldhaus! You dont see him very much anymore. He never participates in those retrospective UK-Duke shows. Maybe I wouldnt either, but I always enjoy seeing those....especially because Richie is always wearing a suit. Good Manchester manners....you are going to be on tv, you dress up.


Josh Carrier just was part of a group of people in blue sweat suits....why is that? Anyone know?

I love watching Issel, Pelphrey and others talking about the program.....I know others agree, but it is always cool to watch that.

In other news, Sam Bowie is fat.

What this show needs is someone reading that Jr Braddy poem. I am sorry, but it is hard for me not to laugh at that.

Who invited the agricultural commissioner?

9:58 pm

Brandon Stockton just moved me.....these movie skits are great....and way to use the Braveheart students....very nice.

In other news, two old guys behind me just said, "there aint enough shaking by the dance team tonight....my wife is not here and I thought I would finally get to look." How sweet.

9:55 pm

We never really get into this on the board and my friends will make fun of me for the comment, but the cheerleaders are really impressive. If you consider cheerleading a sport (which I kind of do), then you have to put the Kentucky record in cheerleading as one of the biggest dynasties in college athletics. When you combine that with the success that the Ville has had, you can legitimately say that Kentucky is the land of cheering. (Yes I did write that).

I have said this once before tonight, but is amazing how full this place is. I was worried that with the giving out of tickets early, we were going to end up with scalpers with all the tickets and empty seats.....not happening.

9:50 pm

Guy shooting from half court for a truck....A few years back, I remember Dick Vitale at Cincy and a guy one free tuition (Remember that Dicky V said "We'll throw in the books babeyyyy". The shot is up......VERY CLOSE. THis place would have expoloded if that went in!

My man Kenny Walker now before the crowd. Kenny said that this was "the greatest team in all of college basketball." Way to play to the crowd....he would be a good WWE wrestler.

9:45 pm

The three loudest and happiest UK fans are sitting behind me. Angie Schoenher, Allyson Diley and Alex Kerber are the best Kentucky fans I have seen in this building.....

9:41 pm

Do you think the people that make the UK blue blazers have any market outside of those that come to Rupp Arena? I seriously am not sure that I have ever seen anyone wearing that color of a blazer at any time at any place in the country. Yet whenever you come to Rupp (and interestingly, not Commonwealth), they are out in full effect. They are often accompanied by a woman with a knit blue sweater with either a picture of a Cat or some form of glitter or "bedazzling". I am skeptical of these people.

9:32 pm

I have to assume that the Top 5 men's moments at Rupp must be coming up. I am going to venture a couple of guesses. Tayshaun's 5 three pointers....the Cedric Jenkins tip.....anyone have any other guesses?

It is a very awkward moment right now. The women's team is playing and no one is really paying attention. It is sort of like when you have a younger cousin who likes to sing solos and she really is just a bit off pitch. She sings and everyone just sort of sits there awkwardly. That is what this is sort of like. I want these women to get attention and praise. However nothing is happening and it makes me sad.

In other news, the referee for this game has a bushy moustache. Always a plus.

9:27 pm

Natassia Alcius may be the coolest woman I have ever seen. To look into the camera and 23,000 people withthe Ramel Bradley "I am confident and I know I look good" look (and you know which one I am talking about) takes a lot of guts. She won the crowd (and this reporter) over with that one.

Mickie Demoss must have gone to the Hillary Clinton school of fashion. No matter what your politics, you must agree that a pant suit with the open fly collar like that is a good look for a professional woman. Someone should give that look to Harriet Miers, as she could really use it. I dont know what it is about Demoss, but I truly like her.

9:22 pm

The videos of the players doing songs of the eighties goes on my top 10 best things this school has ever done. If anyone had told me that I would see Shagari Alleyne rapping at this event, I would have made sure to bring friends, family and cohorts. That was priceless.

They are currently doing the Top 5 Women's basketball moments in Rupp history. Somehow I dont remember any of them....

9:18 pm

They are introducing the student managers. Student manager Gillian Forgy was among the top names....seriously there is nothing worse than being in a huge crowd and there being almost no applause when your name is called.....or to put another way, the life of Saul Smith.

Someone better get me the tape of Bobby Perry dancing to "PArty All the TIme" IMMEDIATELY!!!!

9:16 pm

Joe B Hall just said he wished he could have been the person to repel from the ceiling. Now that would be a sight. Joe B Hall in a superman costume coming from the ceiling! I would pay BIG money to see that. Kenny Walker may be one of the smoothest people on this planet. I know he has had his share of problems, but the man knows how to dress, knows how to walk and can pull off the double earring in his ear look better than anyone outside of Jody Thompson.

9:08 pm

I just got lost wandering around and ended up outside the locker room. Woo was awesome! Said hello and remembered our SEC encounters. He is my favorite Cat since Gimel Martinez.

THe Tubby/Demoss video made the crowd go NUTS! Gotta love the look back at teh best moments in Rupp history. I am always scared when people repel from the ceiling. I think Owen Hart....but the crowd loves it!

9:03 pm

The girl from the new UK hockey poster was at Tubby's press conference. Wow!

In other news, Larry Conley is speaking and looks almost as good.

9:01 pm

Just sat in on Tubby's press conference and there were actually some news items of note: (1) The team is proceeding as if Morris WILL NOT be on the team. This response was after a person asked whether they were preparing as if Morris was on the team, and he stated, "actually the opposite....we are preparing as if he is not." (2) Mentioned that Rekalin Sims would be "playing right away." Said he is very skilled and may be the best rebounder on the team. (3) Said that Jared Carter has the best post-skills of any big man they have had come in here.....that is a very impressive comment by Tubby and one that took me a bit aback. (4) Tubby does really "get it". Mentioned how lucky he was to coach at Kentucky and that the fans here were the best in the country and truly were a part of the team in a way that is unlike anywhere else. Very neat comment. More to come....this place is full!

8:33 p.m.

Have you ever noticed how lucky the University of Kentucky is to have individuals with such great sets of hair following it? In the back, I ran into Dick Gabriel, Rob Bromley and Kenny Rice....all of whom have hair that we should be very envious of. You dont often see middle-aged men with a full set of hair, thick and blowing in the wind (well if these guys didnt have so much hairspray in it). Most schools dont have that kind of hair support....of course then we have Jim Tirey just to even things out.

8:26 p.m.

The crowd is officially now ignoring Generic blond as she talks incessantly into the microphone and says the word "cornhole" and unhealthy amount. It is nice to see a lot of kids is the crowd, most of whom have their faces painted.

The newest event is the ESPNU "Rowdiest Fan Contest". There are three contestants, two of whom are cute kids adn one of whom is a fat, middle-aged man with a pot belly, a blue wig and (unbelievably) jean shorts. Can I make a declaration right now? No one...I mean no male outside of Stone Cold Steve Austin and children under 10 should be wearing jean shorts. Look I know many of you are thinking to yourself, "but I look good in them." Well you don't....you look silly. Even Lukask Orbzut is laughing at your fashion sense.


Our master of ceremonies just took the court and began yelling in a microphone. It is a blond woman who I have seen on television but is otherwise un-distinguishable. She could be one of the 800 blond women employed in the local news industry who not only look the same, but have the personality of dishpan.

In other news, I just saw Larry Conley. It is amazing how different these folks look in person. Neither he nor Jay Bilas seemed that tall to me in person. Now Larry was much pinker than I remembered, but otherwise undescript.

Loudest cheer of the night so far. Generic blond screamed out, "Anybody good at cornhole?" Am I in an alternate universe?

8:14 p.m.

The Mickie Demoss press conference is going on, but I decided to leave that exciting festivity to do a little people watching. I was just attacked by two young ladies giving out ESPNU memorabilia. Has there ever been a more egregious commercial enterprise than ESPN? I mean, I am all for the idea of the U, but as with everything, they go overboard. There is a little guy walking around that has a "U" painted on his face. He looks a little bit like the "Leprechaun" in the movie of the same name. He freaks me out.

The two ladies also gave me an ESPNU #2 pencil. When was the last time you used a #2 pencil? The Carter administration? For a network that tries to bill itself as being hip (by employing members of "Dream Job"), a #2 pencil seems a bit outdated. I mean whats next? The ESPNU Atari console with matching Cabbage Patch kid?

7:55 p.m.

Just introduced myself to my main man Jay Bilas. He is going to be on our show on Wed and he is a very nice guy. I noticed that in person, his hair line is not quite as bizzare as on television. I have always thought he looked as if his hair started just above his nose and then took a break until the middle of his head.....but in person, he looks stunningly normal. Hands down, I find him the best announcer in college basketball.

The big news at this point in the arena is that they have just let out the buffet in the media room. I spoke on this a bit last year, but there is nothing that makes the media wolves happier than a load of barbeque chicken, mashed potatoes and a butter-drenched roll. Its a wonder these guys dont have more women chasing them.....actually Bilas has a couple of young women following him around, drooling....he is my hero.

7:49 pm

We are live at Midnight....well 9 p.m. Madness! What an absolutely brilliant scene we have here in Rupp Arena. I pulled up to the arena about an hour ago (a full 2 1/2 hours before the beginning) and there were literally a thousand fans standing outside the arena. Nowhere else in college basketball would you see such a scene.

The arena is slowly filling up, and these are the true fans. No blue bloods. In order to come out twice, once to pick up the tickets and once to attend, to basically watch a glorified scrimmage for hours is a testament to fandom.....and these folks have it. I love this team!

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