Adam Williams completes a long journey

On every basketball media day, there is some unique revelation from a newcomer to the team. Adam Williams, one of three newcomers to the team, has his own unique story and situation. Williams, who donned a Jeff Sheppard jersey at Big Blue Madnees, seeks to emulate Sheppard's improvement as a Wildcat.

In his case he took the ‘Long Road Home,' a movie title but it is so apropos in Williams' case. It seems like eons since Tubby Smith received the Williams commitment. Williams came out of St. Albans High School in the same name West Virginia where he averaged 22.5 points, 11.5 rebounds and 5.5 assists. He opted to go to IMG prep school in Bradenton, Florida. There's been local speculation that he would never wear a Wildcat uniform or maybe it has been a wish of some of those who think he was a deficient basketball player.

Williams, a legitimate 6-foot-4 joins a guard heavy team and will be allowed to be brought along slowly. "There are two guys that play my position," Williams said, "Joe Crawford and Patrick Sparks. During practice, I try to watch everything they do. And there is Ravi Moss who is an experienced veteran player is really underrated on this team. Joe and Patrick are better shooters than I am. I feel my game is more like Joe's in that I'm an athlete." I'm never going to be a spot-up shooter.

He said he feels like it's been forever getting here and now that he is here, he feels like the wait's been worth it. It's everything he expected it to be and he said he feels comfortable here.

"I understand there's guys on the team better than I am and I have a lot of work to do." Was the first time he had a practice with Tubby Smith a culture shock?

Williams said, "Not necessarily, because my dad coached college and a little bit of Pro ball. I feel like my dad (Tex Williams, his high school) and coach Smith are the same person. It's really scary how similar they are. They both have similar backgrounds and similar family situations. Actually when my dad coached NAIA basketball and Coach Smith was coaching at VCU, they coached against each other. What I see in practice is the same stuff I've seen every day for the last 5 years. They have much knowledge of the game. They can talk basketball all night long."

Where did it start, you liking Jeff Sheppard?

"Jeff is an athletic guy – I felt in high school, I played similar style to Jeff," Williams explained. "I really respected him for what he did in 1997 when they had those great guards. He went ahead and reshirted and came back his senior year and helped take the team to a National Championship. I feel with a little bit more work, I can become the shooter he was. He's a guy who can jump and I feel like I can jump, too."

We have no idea what Williams' fate is as a Wildcat but he will be a media attraction.

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