One-on-one with UK DL Durrell White

University of Kentucky junior defensive lineman Durrell White talks about the season, and the prospects for next season. According to White the youngsters on the Kentucky squad don't take any crap and are mentally tough.

Since there is so much debate about what is wrong with the University of Kentucky football team, why not turn to one of the Wildcats for a little different perspective.

Junior Durrell White was a highly-touted recruit. He's played well at Kentucky and made the move from linebacker to defensive end this year. He's on the field and knows what UK is doing well or not doing well.

So let's fire a few questions his way and let him offer his explanations:

1. Are you disappointed that the defense has not been better this year going into Saturday's game against Mississippi State?

"I think the injuries have been a big part of what is going on. I am kind of disappointed, but at the same time I am not. We are playing so many young people. I know year after year I have heard people say that since I have been here. But that's the facts. Older guys have moved on or got hurt. Take (senior linebacker) Jon Sumrall. Losing him (to an injury) was a big blow because he was a defensive leader and we really needed him. I think we will eventually be fine on defense. So overall, I am not disappointed," White said.

2. How hard is it to play in the defensive line when you are injured?

"It's really hard. B. Jay (Parsons), Travis (Day) and Ricky (Abren) have all had casts on their arms. Jason (Leger) has had a bad leg. Lamar (Mills) can't even play. It's tough when you are hurting. You constantly are using your hands, or should be, on the defensive line and you always use your feet and legs to push. It's hard if you only have one good hand or leg. I don't know how they do what they have considering the injuries. Being hurt just comes with the territory, but we've really been beat up this year," White said.

3. Did we ever get a true look at the real Kentucky defense this year?

"Even though we were already beat up, I thought we showed some things in that Louisville game. We've slacked off since then, I will admit that. But we got a glimpse of how this defense could be. It just seems like way too many times we've had one person mess up and then gate opens up for a big play. But I like our younger guys. They don't take any crap. They are mentally tough and want to win. They believe in this program and by next year, that's going to show."

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