KSR Radio interviews Greg Doyel

A highly entertaining show, complete with a sure to be controversial interview with Greg Doyel.

This one may need to come with a set of boxing gloves with Greg Doyel on to answer questions about his assessment and now reassessment of Rajon Rondo, plus his outlook for the Cats this season.

Matt, Rob and Jim also do a lot of recruiting talk on this one, both basketball and football. Included on the basketball side is an interview with Isaiah Thomas who discusses his situation with UK.

The football roundtable includes Matt, Rob, Jim and Duncan tonight, including Rob's "The Future" recruit from Florida he's been talking about on KSR.

The Entire Show Download:
KSR Radio Oct 26

To find out more about the show, click KSR Radio. For get archived shows with Rob, Matt and Jim; click KSR Archives.

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