Scott Mitchell discusses Joker Phillips

One of the reasons UK senior wide receiver Scott Mitchell came to Kentucky was because he wanted to play for Joker Phillips, who was then the wide receivers coach for the Wildcats. Phillips has since moved up the ladder and is the current offensive coordinator for the Wildcats. Mitchell offered up some insights on his OC in a recent interview.

One reason receiver Scott Mitchell came to Kentucky was because he wanted to play for receivers coach Joker Phillips. He got to do that last year, but this season Phillips was promoted to offensive coordinator.

So what does Mitchell think of the job his former position coach has done in his first year as a Division I coordinator. Mitchell offered these insights into Phillips' performance in a recent interview:

1. Has Joker Phillips changed since he went from coaching the receivers to being UK's offensive coordinator?

"What he has done is continue to preach about the things that we need to do better and how to execute better. If we do what he says, you can see it will work. It worked last week and I hope we can get more points this week."

2. Has being the offensive coordinator changed him any?

"He has more responsibility know. He has to check on the whole offense. He can't just focus on the receivers. He does spend enough time to make sure we are still doing the things he taught us before he became the coordinator. He still watches over us."

3. Is he still receptive to ideas or questions from players?

"He is pretty much the same way now that he has always been. Our big thing is at halftime that we make a lot of big adjustments. He comes up and asks us what we see out there. It might help him make a call the next half to get us a first down or touchdown."

4. Is he a player's coach?

"He can be. If you see something and want to tell him, he'll listen. He will call down on the headphones (during a game) a lot of times for us to come speak to him about what we see out there (on the field). He is definitely a player's coach. He will let us know what he sees versus what we see and try to put something together that will be good for the team."

5. Does it make you feel good to know a coach trusts you that much?

"It does because if he had closed lines of communication, you would not have any way to make suggestions about what you see or what you feel we can accomplish."

6. Does an assistant coach need time to grow into a coordinator's role much like a junior college transfer needs time to adjust to Division I football?

"I think so just from the standpoint of having so many more responsibilities. I think he has done a good job of moving the offense forward."

7. How has his playcalling been in relation to what you expected?

"As a receiver, always think more pass. I think it has been about what thought. It has pretty much been a balance and that is what he wanted to accomplish."

8. Will he get better as a coordinator?

"Absolutely. The more you do something, the better you get. He knows what it takes to succeed. We've had so many injuries this year that he never really got to have the whole offensive package he wanted. But he's definitely the man for the job. There's no doubt about that. I just wish I had another year or two to play for him."

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