Carter should benefit from extended gym time

Associate head coach David Hobbs says that UK freshman center Jared Carter has the toughness and the competitive spirit necessary to be successful. The youngster should benefit more than most of the players from the extended practice time that will be available for the team over the next six weeks.

Freshman center Jared Carter will likely benefit more than any Kentucky player from extended practice time.

"It can be overwhelming to a new guy coming into a program like this," UK associate coach Dave Hobbs said. "The intensity of the game is faster. It's more physical. There are a lot of things you have to remember that he didn't before."

Hobbs thinks Carter can make significant progress in the next month, especially since UK will have more practice time than it has early in the season because of two exhibition games and back-to-back games in the Guardians Classic.

"The more we are able to practice, the more he'll learn about running the plays and executing the offense," Hobbs said. "He has a chance to be a pretty good player. He just has to learn the offense and settle into the team. When you run an offensive set, one guy can mess everything up. It's not like football when after every play, you get in the huddle and tell everyone what is going to happen. In basketball, it is just boom, boom, boom."

Hobbs expects Carter to be a successful college center because of his toughness and competitive spirit, two things coaches cannot always change about a player.

"Big guys usually fall into two categories. One, they are willing to bang inside, but they are not able. Or they are able to bang, but not willing. He's not quite able to bang yet because he's trying to think about what he should be doing and he's not as strong as he needs to be because he's just a freshman. But he is willing to bang. That's the best way to have it. If a guy is able but not willing, that's tough to overcome. He's willing but just not able to yet. We can help him with that."

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