Rondo, "...that triple double is coming..."

Rajon Rondo has a lot on his plate of achievements early this season, and he wants to go back for more. The Kentucky point guard not only aspires to be the first Cat since Chris Mills to achieve a triple double, but wants to take it to the next level, a quadruple double. Rondo is one of a trio of guards that is showing leadership skills early in his second season. Can this youngster lead these Cats?

Last year everyone knew that Kentucky was Chuck Hayes' team. On or off the floor, Hayes was the Wildcats' undisputed leader.

Sophomore point guard Rajon Rondo clearly has been Kentucky's best player this season. But he's not anywhere near ready to anoint himself as Kentucky's new leader.

"I wouldn't really say it is my team," said Rondo. "I just try to lead by example on the court. Ravi (Moss) and Pat (Sparks) are great leaders. They both lead with intensity on the court and things they do off the court, too. It's all three of us.

"Last year everybody knew that Chuck was the leader on the team. This year it's more of a job for the three of us because we all bring different things to the table. It's just a different kind of leadership."

Still, there seems to be little doubt that if Kentucky wants to be the best team it can be, this has to be Rondo's team. He can do so many things on both ends of the court and he's going to be the player Kentucky turns to when it needs a key play.

But can a sophomore be the team leader?

"That's not too much to ask of a sophomore. I have been here a year now. You can't really go just by the grade (of a player). I know what coach Smith expects. I wouldn't say a sophomore can't be the team leader," Rondo said.

Would he have felt the same way last year? "Last year I wouldn't have said I could do that. But now I can. A year makes a big difference," Rondo said.

Rondo already plays like the team leader. He had 13 points, nine assists and seven rebounds in Kentucky's win over Liberty Friday -- and was disappointed. He felt he should have rebounded better and been able to get a triple double. In fact, he says his goal going into this year was to average double figures in points, rebounds and assists. Is that a realistic goal?

"I would not say it definitely is realistic, but I am pretty positive I will achieve my goal and get that triple double," Rondo said. "I want to fill as many stat categories as I can. I want to do all the little things, including rebounding.

"I played pretty well (against Liberty). I could have crashed the boards better. Our big men rebounded better," Rondo said.

So they got some of the rebounds you had been claiming? "Yeah, but I can't blame them because I took some of their rebounds in other games," Rondo laughed and said. "But that triple double is coming. I would really like a quadruple double with steals, too. The steals will be the hardest, but there's no reason to think it could not happen."

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