At the High(est) Point – Woo Can Do

During most of Lukasz Obrzut's UK career, it's been a tease or trying to pull chickens teeth. It's like dating a vivacious girl and her putting far too much space between the next date. His biggest tease prior to the High Point game was the performance of last year's Alabama game. He had a big roll in UK's come from behind win at ‘Bama.

Tubby Smith state at his pre-High Point press conference that he and his staff has been putting in extra work with the big men and exhorting them to be more aggressive in the post.

Tubby Smith relief is production! Woo's relief is production! Fans relief is production! Given all that relief flowing around, bottle it all up in one mass and it equals the amount of relief being felt by Rekalin Sims. Sims had expressed an awful lot of chagrin over having to spend and inordinate of time playing in the post-position. Sims said at a recent presser: "Coming here, I never expected to be playing the "5" spot. I'm not built for that. But I'll do what ever the coaches want me to do to help the team."

Sims said the seven–footers were not aggressively looking to score and Obrzut wasn't looking to score at all. "We need those guys for easy buckets," Sims pleaded.

For the first time Obrzut was looking to score when the ball came into the post to him. Could it be that High Point was suggestive to Obrzut that using his seven-foot frame at the highest point is what he was brought to UK to do.

Coach Smith was not doing back-flips over the performance of Obrzut but he seemed more interested in his consistency. He said it was only one game and one game does not a career make. Smith said in explaining the difference in Obrzut's production against High Point: "Woo caught the ball closer to the basket."

"I want to go to the basket every game," Obrzut said. "I just decided to go out there and play and not worry about any thing else. The whole staff has been working with us on posting up stronger and lower under the basketball."

Obrzut was asked last season about his patience to stay in the program and emphatically said he planned to stay at UK and work on his game. On this night he said, "I'm just pleased to be a part of this program." Now that patience is starting to pay off for Obrzut and also Brandon Stockton.

Of the patience of Stockton, an irritated Tubby Smith said: "Basketball is a team game. He epitomizes what a college player should be about – show patience and get his education."

In order for the Cats to win big this season beyond the SEC, Woo must continue to show he can do!

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