VAUGHT: "It's about heart and passion"

Kentucky senior Ravi Moss knows where the Wildcats have to look if they want to find the necessary toughness to avoid another game like they had Saturday against North Carolina.

"You look in the mirror. It's all about heart and passion," Moss said. "Obviously, we didn't show enough of that."

Moss did. Perhaps Ramel Bradley did. But not many more players did in Saturday's 83-79 defeat.

"I think we could have played a lot harder," said Kentucky sophomore guard Ramel Bradley. "I told the guys at halftime, ‘Come on. We are on national TV. We can't let these guys push us around. We can't get bullied like this. Everybody where you are from is watching. You have to step up and put a body on somebody and not let them back you under the basket and outhustle you for loose balls."

A subdued Moss said the Wildcats just didn't play the way a Kentucky team should, especially in Rupp Arena.

"We've got to play with more aggressiveness. They smacked us today. There's no reason for that to happen to the University of Kentucky. We've got to smack back," Moss said.

Jamal Magloire would have. Chuck Hayes would have. This team has to have someone do the same.

"We just have to learn to want it more and be more tough. We have to put a body on guys and not let them come in here and get offensive rebounds. We have to have that and we have to look at ourselves to find it. It's nothing you can really teach. A player has to have that toughness himself," Bradley said.

"We didn't have enough emotion. They just knocked us around. We have to have somebody step up and say we are not going to let that happen any more."

If not, then there are going to be far too many games that might end like the one Saturday did.

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