Why do football recruits choose UK?

It is obvious that the UK football staff has had some successes on the recruiting trail this year. What isn't as obvious is how the staff is getting the job done. What are they doing to get these kids to give them the thumbs up during the campus visits? We spoke to Ricky Lumpkin about why he chose Kentucky to get a recruit's perspective on UK recruiting.

What is going on with the University of Kentucky football program? What is Rich Brooks doing to recruits when he gets them on campus?

Actually, the answer to both questions apparently is not that complicated based on what Tennessee defensive end Ricky Lumpkin, one of UK's new verbal commitments, says.

"The coaches are just good recruiters," Lumpkin said Sunday after returning to Clarksville, Tenn., from his official visit to UK. "They are going to turn the program around. The coaches are sticking together after being put down by so many people. They are showing unity, something I think recruits like."

Didn't ever school Lumpkin visited have that same type of unity?

"At some places I visited, it was not like that. Coaches will fight or disagree, especially when things don't go right. But the Kentucky coaches are together and proud to be coaching football at Kentucky. That message is coming through loud and clear to recruits. They are showing us we can be part of something that will last," Lumpkin said.

Certainly the message has been being heard, and believed, by recruits. How else can one explain how a coaching staff that won only three games and did not even know for sure if it would be back next season until a month ago be able to recruit so many highly-touted players?

"When I visited some other schools, not everything felt right. Every time I went to Kentucky, I liked it and it just felt right. I wanted to go there," Lumpkin said.


"Everywhere I went, whether it was football related or the training room or the academic people, they were all together. You could tell everyone is working for one goal and wants to be part of a winning program. I really liked that atmosphere. I think from what other recruits were telling me, they feel the same way. And then the players make you believe this program is on the verge of really turning around. Why not be part of that?" Lumpkin said.

Such a simple, but effective message as Brooks and his coaches continue to put together a very, very solid recruiting haul.

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