UK Football, looking ahead

KSR's Lonny Demaree looks toward spring practice, and discusses some concerns that Rich Brooks will be seeking to address when practice resumes. As the season concluded Brooks was chomping at the bit to get started on the 2006 season.

Having been a part of the UK postgame (football) talk show for the last 5 years has heightened my sense of humility, my perseverance, and my flexibility. It's sometimes tough to sit there behind the mike with the ability to quell foolhardy talk and allow them to vent anyway. We are the last line of treatment, doctoring, and healing!

One exasperated caller calls in on Saturday to express his washed out feeling. ‘What can I expect for the future to make me feel good,' he wanted to know? He said he was a die-hard UK football fan and he said he could care less about UK basketball. Well, shame on him but again, over the years I have known several split loyalties. We've known UK basketball fans that are Eastern Kentucky University football fans. We've known Louisville basketball fans that are UK football fans and other various and sundry mixtures.

So, we commenced to address the caller's concerns. Coach Rich Brooks, in his Monday 11/21/05 press conference was very giddy in his anxiousness for the arrival of spring practice. There were many fronts on which he expects some fierce competition. One being, at the quarterback position with Curtis Pulley and Andre Woodson. I'm sure he doesn't want to see it turn into a quarterback controversy.

In expressing Tennessee's problems this season, Brooks said quarterback controversies never help your team. The indecisiveness was a huge part of Phil Fulmer's problems and could've been to his destruction had he lost to Kentucky. Phat Phil avoided a being a huge orange road cone on Monday because he would have been working on the state road crew.

Losing to Kentucky gets coaches fired. See Bill Battle at Tennessee, Garry DiNardo at LSU, and kept Ray Goff and Jim Donnan on shaky ground at Georgia.

Another thing UK has to address in spring practice is the lack of respect for the Wildcats' offensive line. Opposing teams sent the all-out blitz anytime they want with no fear of getting burned with the pass. They knew they were going to get to the quarterback, cause him to scramble, cause him to hurry his throw, or cause him to throw it before he's ready to throw it. This is an area where Brooks feels he has the horses …err… Cats to make a big difference in 2006. We will be more specific at a later date.

They will have to address the defensive line situation because the opposing team offenses have no respect for UK's ability to stop them. Kentucky was the second highest team in the SEC in which the opposing teams tried fourth conversions. Teams felt that if they didn't make it on third down there was always fourth down.

So we are once again in the wait until next year mode with the same callers threatening to cancel the renewal of their season tickets.

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