Cats Take Lead for JC OL

Marvin Arnold a 6-foot-3, 285-pound offensive lineman from El Camino College in California had a great time this weekend when he officially visited Kentucky.

"It went real well. The school was very nice, and everyone was really hospitable. We went and watched them play basketball against North Carolina," Arnold said.

"Every time we ate all the coaches were there and we had some real good conversations about the school, and about where they are trying to get the program to go."

Arnold enjoyed the atmosphere that surrounded the campus on many levels, and despite living his whole life in California, the weather will not be a deciding factor for him.

"Coach Williams is recruiting me for Kentucky, and he is just a great coach," Arnold reported. "Everyone there, even the people that were not affiliated with the school were just really down to earth people. They were just good people to be around."

"The initial shock of it being colder than California made it real cold the first day I was there, but after that you kind of get used to it. It was not all that bad."

Arnold originally planned to be enrolled at the beginning of the year, but he may have to push that back to in order to finish out his official visit schedule.

"I am going to Colorado State (12/9) this weekend, and I think I am still scheduled to visit Ole Miss in January (1/20). I am just looking forward to going on those trips and seeing things for myself."

Although Arnold did not issue a verbal commitment, he did come away from the visit with a leader.

"I think Kentucky is in the lead, because I visited there this weekend. I just want to go and see how these other schools compare. I am looking forward to just getting to a school and making an impact."

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