Integrity Defined: Part 2

Lexington Ky...Coach Carr came in with a reputation for recruiting, and in the short time I was with him I was able to see why. He is very articulate and understanding, with a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to the college athlete's psyche.

Coach understands the mentality of a successful athlete in the sport of football. He impressed me with his direct, down-to-earth, common sense nature. Those are solid traits not always found in your everyday coach.

When trying to sell a recruit, Coach Carr talks about the great facilities, the ability to play early, and the fact that UK is in the SEC. Those are all good points, but I suspect his genuine nature and straight-forward attitude are just as important. Gerald Carr is one of those guys that looks you in the eye when he's talking. That solid eye contact and easy going conversational skill that he has will shine through to a young man and his family.

When Coach speaks about the success of the UK program, he does not speak in terms of W's and L's. He talks of instilling consistency and paying attention to detail. "Winning and losing is temporary, but consistency lasts forever. Coaching is all about getting kids to do what they don't like to do with 110 percent effort. Kids don't like to practice, but you have to do it to get better. Doing things the right way over and over again, and transferring that effort from the practice field to the playing field is what it takes to win." When you talk to Coach Carr, it's apparent that it's not just what UK has to offer, but his self-determination, respect, and honesty that make him a good recruiter.

Although we have yet to see what fruit his coaching may bare, I can see that these same characteristics make him a great coach. Everyone who watched him be a motivator this spring realized his potential at making kids great. He focuses on the mental aspects, as well as the physical aspects, of his players. You can see that in his discussion of what Artose needs to work on.

Just by looking at Artose the average football fan can see that he is physically ready to play, but according to Carr, mentally he still needs work to be one of the best backs in the country. "Artose needs to work on the details, not just on the football field, but in life. If he is going to be late for an 8 o'clock class, how can we count on him on the football field? How are we going to trust him with the ball when its 3rd and 1 against Florida, 3rd and a half yard against LSU? We can't. He needs to be into every situation." Coach Carr went on to say, "Wherever you are, be there." That's a simple concept that can be difficult to understand, but he merely means be focused, and believe me, Gerald Carr is focused. He's a tough, hard-nosed, demanding coach who will get his kids ready to play.

It is exciting to have Coach Carr as an addition to our stellar staff. He has all the attributes that you look for in a coach. Look for our running backs to get it done on game day.

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