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The Big Blue Nation has a chat with Dave Telep from TheInsidersHoops.He give his thoughts about the recruits UK has coming in this year and what they are looking for in the next class.

1. Bobby Perry is taking his official visit to UK this weekend. Would you look for a verbal from him and do you think he can help get the program get back on top if he ended up at UK?

I probably don't know enough about the situation to say that I would expect a verbal. I know this: UK has been on him probably harder than anyone else. They made strides early in his recruitment and pledged allegiance and a scholarship to him during the season. They are the highest-profile team on his list. With that said, anything could happen and with over 40 players already committed nationwide, it's never too early.

2. Kentucky will definately go after a big man next year. What are UK's chances of landing a big time prospect like Villanueva, Powe, Ibekwe, Alleyne, or Taft?

I think if UK is recruiting Villanueva as a four man, then their chances decrease. He sees himself as a 3-man. Villanova, Seton Hall and maybe even Illinois are in there. Powe needs to rehab and get his health back in order. I hear good things with Alleyne and the Wildcats, even to the extent that they lead behind the scenes. Too early to tell on Taft and Ibekwe's already been on a visit to Arizona.

3. How high would you rank Lebron James if you were comparing him against former high school recruits? Is he the best so far? If not who has been the #1 high school player you have had a chance to watch?

I started doing this in 1997. Tracy McGrady lived in Durham and so did I. In my experience of doing this, LeBron James is clearly the best high school basketball player I have ever seen. The reason being is that his greatness is so hard to define. Ask him to pass the ball and he's a terrific passer. He creates for himself and others. He's a super athlete. He invents shots. When he wants, he's a fine defender. The lone chink in the armor is the deep shot; he needs consistency from downtown and a little better touch at the free line, especially considering he's going to get hacked a lot. Some guys have an aura about them and he's a big time intangible guy.

4. Do you think Kelenna Azubuike and Antwain Barbour can come in and be impact players next year for the blue and white?

Maybe and Yes. I think Azubuike has all the tools to be a very good player. The level of competition he's going to encounter in Lexington and in the SEC is such a change from the league he played in as a high schooler. He's constantly going to get challenged and that's never happened before so how he reacts will determine his initial impact. Barbour on the other hand is a proven star and I think he'll make the transition from juco to major college ball a little smoother.

5. Mr. Telep what are your thoughts on Bernard Cote and Brandon Stockton? Cleary Both of them are four year players and will take time to develop. Do you think they can help UK?

I wouldn't call them four year players. I would call them college basketball players because that's what they are. They aren't guys with the ability to play NBA basketball after a few seasons, and likely are not NBA players after four seasons, so I like referring to guys as college basketball players, thus eliminating the NBA expectations right off the bat. I like Cote's skill level. I think he has a nice frame but again, like Azubuike the competition level is something so radically different than he's seen in Canada, there will be a large transition phase. If he's coming off the bench and contributing, that's a good thing. Same with Stockton, I see him as a role player as opposed to a guy who starts.

6. With more and more high school players declaring for the nba draft are the top programs beginning to look at more four year players instead of the one or two year players?

I think so. Guys like Kendrick Perkins now have to convince colleges that they won't go to the league. However, we are still talking about 3-5 guys a year and while they are the elite, they are clearly a minority in the big picture. I can't wait for the Class of 2004 because I think it's talented enough to really help replenish the game of college basketball.

I want to thank Mr. Dave Telep for giving me the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions. If you get a chance check out his site!

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