VAUGHT: Micah Johnson/Dennis Johnson-Deja Vu?

If anyone can understand what Micah Johnson will experience at Kentucky, it should be Dennis Johnson. Dennis Johnson came to UK as a Kentucky Mr. Football winner out of a small high school in Kentucky with a long list of national honors. He had his choice of national programs before deciding on the Wildcats. One reason he picked the Wildcats was because he had an older brother already playing for Kentucky.

Sound familiar? It should. Micah Johnson's recruitment went the same way and that's why Dennis Johnson understands the huge expectations the Fort Campbell star will encounter the next few years.

"First, I would tell him to keep the good Lord first because that will help when he's about to go crazy, and there will be times he feels that way," Dennis Johnson said. "Then be careful of all the hype. The media can hype you so much. Just set specific goals for yourself and embrace the opportunity. Not many kids get the exposure and hype and it can help you if you handle it right."

Dennis Johnson says Micah Johnson should get to UK as early as possible to start learning the new system. He also says once there, Micah Johnson should remember he can only do so much.

"You feel the pressure, but you really have to stay in your own little box. Stuff is going to be said and written no matter what you do. As long as you are trying to get better within the team concept, things will be fine. Expectations will always be there for him to do more than he possibly can. You can never do enough for some people. He just has to know he's doing his best," Dennis Johnson said.

Like Micah Johnson, Dennis Johnson had the ability to play several positions at Kentucky. He says Micah needs to settle on a position and then start studying film of the game's best players at that position.

"Pick out the players you want to be like and get the coaches to get you film on those guys," Dennis Johnson said. "You can learn a lot that way."

Dennis Johnson also says Micah should listen to his older brother, Christian, because he's been at Kentucky. "My brother told me how things would be with (coach) Hal Mumme during training camp. He said we would do this and that. That helped knowing what was coming," Dennis Johnson said. "Knowing is half the battle. His brother can tell him a lot. Any advice he gets from his brother, he should listen. His brother may not have been the same type of high profile recruit, but he's been through a year at Kentucky and that's huge."

Dennis Johnson has never met Micah Johnson. He's eager to see him play and would like the opportunity to meet him.

"I would love to sit down and talk to him, maybe even mentor him a little, and do whatever I can to help him. He's kind of in the same position I was. I know what that is like. I would love to get with him because obviously he's got a lot of talent and is the kind of player we need at Kentucky. If I can do anything to help him, I would love to do it," Dennis Johnson said.

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