VAUGHT: Where has Rekalin Sims gone?

What's happened to Rekalin Sims? Surely you remember him. He's the junior college transfer who seemed to be making such an easy transition to Tubby Smith's style of play and was going to provide the frontcourt scoring and rebounding that Kentucky desperately needed this year.

But for the last three games, Sims has been a non-factor. He's disappeared. He has five points and eight rebounds in just 50 minutes of play. He's 2-for-7 from the field in those games and has been pushed around more than Shagari Alleyne.

Obviously, UK coach Tubby Smith is aggravated, frustrated and disappointed. I'm just not sure which one would rate No. 1 on Smith's list. But after asking Smith about Sims Thursday, there's no doubt he's got a lot of work ahead of him to move back into a key player in UK's rotation.

Smith noted how at the beginning of the year, UK's post players were doing more back screening and were stepping out higher on the court. The post players had more freedom, one reason Sims got 16 3-point shots in UK's first four games.

"Now we are doing more double low-post sets and Rekalin is still learning where and when to take his chances in that scheme," Smith said.

The coach then noted Sim's poor free throw shooting (10-for-23), lack of toughness and rebounding failures in recent games. "He has to be a little more aggressive and physical if he wants to play," Smith said.

The good thing is that Sims doesn't dispute what Smith says. He knows he's not being aggressive enough. He knows Sheray Thomas and Lukasz Obrzut have moved ahead of him. He knows he has to play better daily if he wants to become a primetime player again for Smith.

"It's not like I don't know what I should be doing. I just haven't been doing it," Sims said.

Until he does, Sims is going to sit. And sit. And sit.

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