DEMAREE: Basketball Cats open Christmas gifts

The stockings were hung by the Wildcat Lodge chimney with care. Although I haven't seen what Santa brought the basketball 'Cats yet, this is what I imagine him bringing.

To Brandon Stockton a set of M.L. Carr pom-poms. Carr was the Boston Celtics' biggest cheerleader when he wasn't in the game. And that's no disgrace.

To Ramel Bradley, more willingness to take the shot. He sometimes seems reluctant to take the shot when he's open – tranquilizers for Tubby Smith.

To Rajon Rondo a large satchel which will enable him to pack off all the money he's going to receive whenever he decide to turn Pro.

To Patrick Sparks several more of those three point daggers at crunch time like the one he stuck in Iona University and a wider smile at such time. Some more zone defenses like the one he saw against West Virginia.

To Ravi Moss a huge package of courage kudos for what he's accomplished at the University of Kentucky thus far - also, a Badge of Leadership to Moss.

To Lukasz Obrzut, he's already received the largest gift he has received in four years by going home to Poland to see his family. In addition an offensive post up game to go with that huge 12-foot base line face up jumper against Iona.

To Bobby Perry a few more of those 22-point games like the one he had against Liberty.

To Shagari Alleyne, a 200-watt light bulb that for his sake will light up telling him that he is wasting a God given 7-foot-3 body. In addition, to "Gari" a campus map so he will know how to get to the classrooms. More tranquilizers for Tubby Smith!

To Sheray Thomas a continuance of improvement in his performances that he is showing on the floor - and a badge of secrecy if he was able to keep it a secret from his family in Canada that he was coming home for Christmas.

To Joe Crawford, the kind of consistency this team could use to replace the 14.9 points and 6-rebound void Kelenna Azubuike left. Some repeat performances like the one he had against the University of Louisville would suffice.

To Rekalin Sims a rediscovery of his games he had earlier in the season. A best media interview award for the season of 2005-06.

For Jared Carter, as much improvement by the end of his freshman year as was made throughout his senior year in high school. Under the tree, several cases of hi-protein supplements for added weight gain and strength gain.

For Preston Lemaster, a coaches manual for his future as a head basketball coach. It's athletes of his ilk that generally make the best coaches.

To Randolph Morris, a Badge of Loyalty to the UK family for their diligence in making a part of the family – film on last seasons Michigan State and Cincinnati games, which might give him a clue as to what the big Blue Nation, the team, and Tubby Smith expect when he returns on January 10. For Morris a bowl of razor-blade soup to instill some fire, meanness, toughness, and intensity.

For Tubby Smith, a trip to Indianapolis in March. Without the said trip, more tranquilizers under the tree for the off-season.

We trust you enjoyed your presents and happy New Year!

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