Too many bowls? No Way!!

KSR's Lonny Demaree tackles the notion that there are too many bowls going on during this holiday season. Lonny also makes his predictions for the upcoming bowl games.

Thank goodness that this bowl season there's been very little talk about a playoff system! Why? The best two teams in the country are playing for the National Championship in the Rose Bowl, the granddaddy of them all.

If that were not the case, the squawking would be rampant on the subject, again. Why? What, about the power of money don't they understand? It's all about money. Almost all the bowls are heavily sponsored by corporate money. Names of the bowls constantly change every year. Next year the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl will drop the name Peach and it will simply be the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Some fans and some of the media ilk rail that in their opinion, there are too many bowls. The fact of the matter is thirty teams and coaches are going home happy this year.

The mayor of San Diego, California put down the ridicule of two bowls residing on his city. He said that each team adds approximately 30 million dollars to the economy of San Diego. They have the Poinsettia Bowl and the Holiday Bowl.

Orlando, Florida has the Capitol One Bowl and the Champ Sports Bowl won by Clemson over Colorado 19-10.

In Atlanta, Georgia resides the Peach Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. Aside from the four major bowls, the Peach Bowl is the best attended of all. What a financial boon for the city of Atlanta.

Before hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans, they had the New Orleans Bowl that was move the Lafayette, Louisiana and the Sugar Bowl that was moved the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Recently, there was some talk about the U.S. Congress getting involved in trying to force a playoff system in Division l football. Hah! Let's see how far that gets when their constituency in some of those states threatens to cut off their financial support in getting re-elected! Money talks and ‘BS' walks.

Unlike this writer, I wonder just how many of these critics are eyewitness to the 24-7, 365 day dedication it takes to play football in these times. Have they ever rode down Cooper Drive in Lexington at 6:00am on a cold January morning and watched the UK football players walking from the Nutter Practice Facility over to the Nutter Fieldhouse for early morning winter conditioning workouts? Have the critics ever eye-witnessed the players out running in the hot summer sun in the organized summer strength and conditioning program? At the same time, the rest of the summer-school students are at some air-conditioned pub knocking some cold ones. And one of those people just might be the player's girl friend that may be getting hit on by a fellow pubster. Football twenty-five years ago was four-month sport. When the last game was played the cleats were hung up as for as workouts were concerned. Not any more!

Sometimes you hear someone utter when the mention of a stipend is brought up, ‘they are getting a free education.' Not! Football is work now as opposed to yesteryear. They earn it all. So by today's standards, why shouldn't they receive a reward for having a bowl eligible season?

Lonny's Predictions:

Alabama has time to adjust from the lost of Prothro, Alabama 20, Texas Tech 17 in the Cotton Bowl.

Florida Chris Leak is now comfortable in his game, not the gimmick one Urban Meyer brought there, Florida 28, Iowa 17 in the Outback Bowl.

Louisville faces the best defense and special teams in the country and without Brian Brohm, Virginia Tech 37, U of L 28 in the Gator Bowl.

Auburn 31, Wisconsin 20 in the Capital One Bowl.

Ohio State 17, Notre Dame 13 in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Sugar Bowl could be a classic and one I am in high anticipation. Georgia is fine team but so is West Virginia, both having exciting quarterbacks and strong running games. In an upset WV 31, Georgia 30!

The two OG's (old guys) Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno bump heads in the Orange Bowl – Penn State 13, Florida State10.

It's Southern Cal versus Texas for the National Championship. Vince Young is perhaps, the best quarterback in the country. He throws for a high percentage and can also hurt you with his legs. The Heisman voters felt the same way. However, USC has too many weapons, USC 42, Texas 35.

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