Smith embraces the use of video tape

Did you ever wonder just how much game film a college football coach might watch during a typical game week? Well, I did and that's why I asked UK linebacker coach Chuck Smith just how much time he spent in the film room during his first year at Kentucky.

"A lot of time, but I liked it," Smith said. "But you definitely look at a lot of film."

Smith said after a Saturday game, staff members would start going back through film of that game. "You would spend at least two or three hours grading that film so when you went out to practice (on Sunday), you could get the corrections made that you needed to make," Smith said. "Then when practice ended, you would watch the whole game again with the players."

Once that ended, it was time for more film work for the coaches. "That's when you started watching film to make out the scouting report the next opponent," Smith said. "Just on Sunday alone, I would say a coach would watch a good seven to eight hours of film."

Of course, that's just the start. Smith said on Monday "things would get more intense" with the film work. "After you finally get your scouting report done, then as a defensive unit you would watch three or four games of film on your opponent. We watch film all day on Monday because we don't practice," Smith said. "As the week goes along, you watch film with your players, you watch film on your own, you watch with the defensive staff. You are always watching."

Don't forget that practice video, either. "We watch and grade every practice. It's a lot of hours. You practice, break down film, then watch more film," Smith said.

Smith actually filmed his practices at Boyle County High School and reviewed the film daily. "In high school I would teach all day, practice and then watch the practice tape because there was no way I could watch everything during practice," Smith said. "But I like watching tape. It's not like a job to me. I enjoy it and that's one part of the job I really liked even though it is a lot of hours each week."

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